Monster scare at sea


Added 18 November 2010


THERE’S A “MONSTER” in Barbados’ waters, says fisherman Joel Brooker. “Monster” was the word Brooker used to describe a “strange looking species” he and his fishing partner Wendel Bryan encountered on Monday. They were fishing three-and-a-half miles from Shower Bank area, which is south west of Hilton Barbados. As he described the experience to the DAILY NATION, Brooker said that the “monster” was 40 feet in length, with a flat head, two eyes and “a mouth which was opened for almost the entire time I saw it”.   “When we saw it coming towards us, we thought it was a sunfish. But when I saw the length and look of this thing, I thought it was an unusual submarine. “So then I started preparing myself to run into the cabin but when I looked and saw small fishes on this thing, I told myself this thing is alive. “I could see that it was not a whale, a shark, or anything that looked like it belonged to the sea family . . . so I said this thing is a monster. I wanted to know what this thing doing in Barbados’ water at three-and-a-half miles,” said the fisherman. “I took up a club that I beat sharks with to weaken them and I went and stand up by the engine and pelt this thing with all the strength and force I had and hit it at the top of it head and the club hit this thing so hard and this thing ain’t move. “It took ten minutes before the Spirit told me to put the boat in gear. But the boat wasn’t moving because the anchor was on the ground. Then the boat started to move.” He added: “I couldn’t run anywhere, but it’s a good thing I listened to the Spirit to get out the anchor, start the engine and head home – the fishing trip was over,” he said. Brooker said he prayed that other fishermen “will see this thing and get away from it”. He warned them to “don’t get scared and frightened like me, but take caution and beware of that monster”. “While the boat was moving this thing was still coming, so then I turned to my second man and said I hope I am not Jonah that God give me a message and I disobeyed and God send this fish for me . . . . I think this fish is dangerous and I want other fishermen to be aware of this thing because it ain’t shunning boats, it coming right at right. “I couldn’t sleep last night because all night I was studying this thing,” said Brooker, who was traumatised to the extent that he refused to go fishing with his partner yesterday. (AH)

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