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Added 12 September 2012


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. The hot story today surrounds Raul Garcia. In the Midweek Nation, his attorney David Commissiong is threatening to take this matter to court if the conditions surrounding his housing do not improve. Our online readers shared their thoughts on this story. Sharie Goodman: I do agree with you Mr Comissiong, there are too many atrocities being committed againist citizens and non- nationals alike in Barbados. They are those who are afraid to speak up. My question is if this was a Bajan caught in this situation in another country would we like the same treatment to be meted out to him. And I will be the first to answer this question,  no,no, no. So let fairness prevail and set the man free and let him live out the rest of his life in some kind of normal way. He has paid his debt to society. The Bible say don't do unto others as you would not like done unto you. Nigel Reece: Commissiong should take him in. If it was a Bajan and we didn't agree with the way he was being treated we would welcome him back to our island. So if Cuba and the US don't want him why should it be our responsibility to make sure he is "cared for" This man needs a raft and a sail and let him be on his way to where ever he wants. Monique Headley:  No one is hearing what Garcia has to say or what is on his mind.  He is still in the country illegally so what do we expect. What  Commissiong should have done was seek asylum  for him, No one knows what this man is capable of if he was freed. Imagine if it was the other way around what Cuba would have done with us. We as bajans are too kindhearted he should still be in prison. Mark Chase: Everyone is talking about fairness, but as long as he came in illegal and he was sent to prison, he cannot be free, some people are forgetting that he came in under false identity (false passport, false nationality) he is under the control of immigration until he leaves or Government decides to give him a chance to run free here.  All countries have this law. I know someone who spent a year in immigration detention overseas and it was a lot like being in prison.

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