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Added 15 September 2012


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Many of our online  readers were shocked and saddened to heat the tragic story of Angel Taitt who jumped off the top level of the City Center car park. Several of our readers weighed in on this story. Brathwaite Sophy: Things must have been really bad. My prays go out to the family and remember God is love. Cathie Walrond-Triplett: Is it so hard when an individal is going through something, and they think that there is no way out. Sometimes it is very hard to speak to someone close, thinking that they just may not understand. God is the only answer even if at times it seems he has left us, but he never does. We leave him. May God be with all of us at all times and pray these thoughts may never enter our minds. And may we be in a position that we may be able to help someone who is attempting this if it is possible. God Bless! Bentley Williams: Where is the discussion on spousal abuse, help for victims of spousal abuse etc. I'm hearing this lady is a non national, now if that is the case isn't it just heart-breaking that one would leave their homeland or perhaps be brought from their homeland as child by their parents..... in search of a better life only for it to end like this? Carl Harper: When tragic incidents such as these occur, we ask ourselves if there were any visible signs that our loved one had been contemplating such an act, and if so, did we do anything or enough that could have prevented the situation. We are often left with a sense of guilt, along with understandable pain and grief. Angel obviously resolved in her mind that there was no other way out of her troubling circumstances and decided it was best to end It all. Why she felt that way, we may never know. It is a very sad day for everyone because it could have been a member of our own families. My deepest condolences extend to her family and may they find strength during this difficult period.

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