Confused by old love's return


Added 17 September 2012


Dear Christine, Five years ago I lost a man I dated when he went off with another woman. At the time I took the split really hard. I literally begged him to come back but he never gave me the time of day. After about three years had passed, I made friends with another man. Everything was going okay between us until the old boyfriend came back into the picture. He began phoning me, passing by my home and turning up at my workplace to take me to lunch. Of course, I refused. He says he is sorry; he realizes his mistake and wants a second chance. Christine, I am being very honest when I tell you that I love this man. I never really stopped loving him. In fact, things between us before we broke up were much better than with my current boyfriend. On the other hand, my current boyfriend says he is willing to marry. Since boyfriend No.1 is back in the picture, I am really unsure about marriage. What must I do? – K.B.  Dear K.B., I think you need to take a time out.  Sit back and look at both situations before you make a final decision. If you are not sure that you want to marry your current boyfriend, don’t do it. You’ll be miserable and unhappy, and perhaps break his heart in the long run. However, your ex – who has hurt you in the past – now needs your forgiveness. I honestly cannot tell you which of these guys you should go with. I believe if you wait and take that time out, the answer will come. – CHRISTINE

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