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Added 01 January 2013


The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending in Barbados today. Happy New Year to all Nation readers. We at The Nation Publishing Co. Limited want to wish you all and your families the very best in 2013. The story trending today is that of Princess Margaret Secondary School teacher Ronald Jordan, who is head of that school’s Industrial Arts Department who is blasting the Ministry of Education for moving him basically on the eve of his fifth form autotronics students’ exams. He wants answers. Conchita Moseley: “I sympathize with this teacher. Having taught at his school for over forty years to be transferred without a goodbye assembly was absolutely out of order. I can't believe that the Ministry knowing what their plans were, did not notify the Mr. Broomes and all teachers on the transfer list earlier in the term. It would have been nice for the children to say their goodbyes make goodbye cards and special assemblies could have been organized for those teachers who were not involved in the AX saga. This is so wrong and I believe that it is the children who will be mostly affected by the bizarre arrangement. How could a man who has taught at a school his whole for his entire life be happy about this decision to transfer him? Stephen Nicholls: “Well, the teachers of Alexandra school have been ‘hopping mad’ for years now and the Ministry has ignored their plight. Those same teachers have cried out that things have been ‘out of whack’ for years now to no avail. The Commission of Inquiry uncovered and established quite definitively the source of the problems and made recommendations and what of them? The Ministry has dealt with this entire matter "unprofessionally" from the get-go...and who cared?...” Castro Inniss: “What is so farcical is that this has been done by a Ministry hailing itself as one of Education and Human Resource Development. What a misnomer!”

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