No more cosmetic cuts in animals


Added 17 January 2013

Surgeries performed on animals for purely cosmetic reasons will soon be deemed as unethical by vets in Barbados. A release from the Barbados Veterinary Assocation (BVA) has stated that vets will no longer be performing these surgeries as of February 1. Vice-President Dr Michelle Bell said these procedures included the “docking of tails for cosmetic and breed standards reasons, the cropping or surgically altering the shape of ears for cosmetic reasons, removal of front leg dew claws and the de-clawing of cats.” Bell said the docking of tails was usually requested for breeds like Rottweilers, Jack Russell puppies, Doberman Pinchers and the Weimaraner. The BVA, however, pointed out that this new ruling do not prohibit local vets from carrying out procedures which are in the best interest of the health and welfare of the animals. Bell further explained that this new position follows a decision taken recently in England. The local veterinarian said that in addition, they also believed it to be an unnecessary procedure. (CM)

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