Blocked-in residents blue vex


Added 18 January 2013


LAST YEAR residents living at Mount Friendship, St Michael, voiced concern when an access road was barricaded by the developers of the new Barbados Water Authority headquarters. They are becoming agitated again because one resident is in the process of fencing off her land which they say will effectively block off the only remaining pedestrian and vehicular access. If that happens five families will be landlocked. The families, some of whom have lived in the area for over 30 years, said they were deeply concerned about this new development since for years successive governments had promised to build a road in the district which is located behind the new BWA headquarters. The houses are all scattered in what would be regarded as a rocky track. One woman explained that about three years ago a sign was posted in the area indicating that a road was going to be built. “The next thing we knew the sign was taken down and up to this day we are still without a proper road,” she said. “I heard that some people said they did not want the road to be built across their land.”   Another wondered if the residents would have to take helicopters to get to their homes. She said that the resident who was fencing off the land had informed them that a gate will be erected but only emergency vehicles would be allowed through it. “Everybody wants to block off their land but at the end of the day we are all human and somebody has to let somebody walk across their land because the government does not own all of the land,” she added. The residents said they had spoken to the Democratic Labour Party candidate for St Michael South East, Patrick Tannis, and that he was trying to have the issue resolved. When contacted Tannis called the situation “serious” but said he had managed to arrive at an agreement with the resident who was erecting the fence. “We have brokered an agreement between all of the parties involved and I have received a commitment that the road would not be blocked off any longer. It is not fully solved but we have reached a temporary agreement,” he said. He added that government would also have to look seriously at providing a road for residents in the district.

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