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Added 02 May 2013


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Readers today are talking about the gruesome murder of Brenda Belle. Many of our online readers expressed shock and disbelief at the event. Here are some of their comments. Orange Peel: Why is it that the man in question who violently attacked the deceased on Saturday night in the area of the Fairchild Street Market, was allowed to return to the place where she sought shelter after being released from the hospital on Sunday and finish the job of killing her which he started on Saturday night? This again speaks to the fact that something has gone terribly wrong with our justice system. I would like the Commissioner of police to tell the public why was this man not arrested and charged with "wounding with intent" or whatever is the  charge that would fit that crime. If that was done then Brenda would have been alive today. Robin Love: What on earth! I'm so Interested to hear what his motive was to go after this woman in that way. Princess Tiny Neferua: When will this violence against women end. Joy Waldron: When we stand up together as one and put pressure on the government for better laws to protect us, get away with all these groups and have one group, united we stand, divide we fall or fail. Margaret Ross: So sad to hear…condolences to her family.

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