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Pantastic Nakita

NATANGA SMITH, natangasmith@nationnews.com

Added 04 May 2013


PANNIST Nakita Wilfred is anything but ordinary. The curvy but shy former Louis Lynch student says that since learning to play steel pan at the age of nine from a neighbour, she has done little else since. “My church started a steel pan group soon after that, and I played pan with them,” said the 23-year-old. The Ivy, St Michael native says that music was always around.“ The Israel Lovell Foundation used to practise at the community centre in the neighbourhood, and soon I found myself at the door listening to them play and I was motivated to start taking steel pan classes. ”The musical director of the Israel Lovell Foundation heard her potential and invited her to join the group, she said. Under his tutelage she blossomed, moving on to play with the National Steel Orchestra and is now captain of Mosaic Steel Orchestra. Nakita plays twice a week with David “Ziggy” Walcott, whom she admires greatly, and is looking forward to taking her steel pan all over the world to show people what Caribbean steel pan is all about.(Make-up and photography by Risée Chaderton.)

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