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Added 04 May 2013


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Readers today are discussing the Royal Barbados Police Force’s decision to launch a full investigation into the death of Brenda Belle who was murdered earlier this week. Here are some of their comments. Noelle Slinky: 'm trying to get my head around this; a lady was attacked in public, wounds were inflicted, the attacker and victim go on their merry way. A few days later the same attacker goes for the same victim and this time succeeds in killing her. Please tell me I've gotten this wrong because there are too may questions here. And there's something seriously wrong with the way the police have handled such a straightforward case. Kathryn Stuart: The  question is Why ? Why ? Why? What is going on in the world when a woman, who everyone knows has been abused for years and things escalate and she is stabbed and nothing is done regarding the questioning/detention/arrest of the perpetrator who days later is free to attack and kill the woman ? The story of Belle's life and ultimate heinous murder hurts me to my core. I have not stopped thinking about her since the news broke and I know this horrible reality will stay with me always. D. Stoute: Perhaps it's time for an independent body to be doing these investigations. Lloyd Guistone: There are too many incidences in Barbados where it is evident that the system  is just not working as efficient as it should. The law now has been under the microscope for sometime, both law enforcement and the judicial process. People want to know that they have a law enforcement agency that is there to protect and respond to help when the cry is made. Not when you call you are spoken to with great disdain and frustration. People want a judicial system that is effective, efficient and timely not one that is onesided, purposely delayed, archaic and with lawyers who are puffed up and arrogant. There are too many upset and frustrated police out there. And this frustration is leading them to be lackadaisical, tardy, irrational and lack genuine care and feel when it comes to responding to the public's cries. Something is seriously wrong with our police and our society at large.

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