Payne sues fellow MP


Added 05 May 2013


New member of parliament Edmund Hinkson has pledged to defend a lawsuit said to have been brought against him by Barbados Labour Party (BLP) colleague George Payne. The issue apparently arose out of a dispute following the February 21 general election which the BLP lost to the Democratic Labour Party in a razor-thin 16 to 14 result. Payne is reported to be seeking damages for “defamation” as a result of certain alleged statements made by Hinkson during a meeting at BLP headquarters on February 25 when MPs met to select the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. All elected parliamentarians with the exception of Owen Arthur were present. The claim, filed in the Supreme Court on Payne’s behalf, is not only seeking damages but also to restrain Hinkson or his servants or agents from repeating the allegedly defamatory words. (ES) 

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