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Added 19 January 2013


The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados. Rihanna is in the news again. This time, she is being criticized by some on social media sites and international media. Using her Twitter account the Barbadian singer recently posted a picture with the caption: “This nug (nugget) look like a skull or am I just (hallucinating) . . .?” Followers immediately started attacking her for setting a bad example for young fans, with one saying, “Wow, wat (what) a good influence you are on young girls . . . not,” while another added, “I don’t understand what she (is) tryin’ to prove through pics of drugs every day.” This is what readers are saying today: Jeffrey Fenty: “Rihanna is her own woman and free to make her own decisions regardless of what anyone has to say. She reserves that right. If she chooses to post on Twitter and Instagram her personal life that is her choice, who the hell are we to say otherwise. I agree we should mind our own business and that is the downfall of 75 per cent of Barbados. We take it upon ourselves to get involved in other people’s lives sometimes causing more damage than intended.” Keisha Angeleyes Lord: “We need to grow up. Since when Rihanna speaks for the actions of all Barbadians, ambassador or not? I am not a fan but this is getting on my nerves. Everything this girl does is a problem. Maybe she needs to stay off Twitter, but again that's her right. If we spent more time and work on our own business this wouldn't bother you so much. Lots more going on in this world of ours other than who she's dating, smoking, wearing, not wearing….” Ki Mur: “Don't blame Rihanna. Take a look at what is going on in the island, people killing people in broad daylight, robbing, shooting, crimes against tourists, the state of the economy, the bullying of citizens by large corporations who could care less about them, a government who wastes money on an "inquiry" that still did not solve the problem, foreign companies who come in and put quotas on small farmers trying to ply their business, and Bajans are blaming Rihanna? Sometimes, I really wonder if as a country who boasts 98 per cent literacy, if that figure is accurate based on the nonsense I see and read.” Omar Watson: “Rihanna didn't ask to be an ambassador. She isn't doing anything that most girls her age with the opportunity wouldn't do.” For more comments go to the Nation’s Facebook page

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