What's Trending:Mac's view on 'Abnormal Behaviour'

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Added 12 August 2013


The Nation's Online Editor Carol Martindale takes a look at What's Trending in Barbados today. Since the publication of Mac Fingall's column in the SUNDAY SUN yesterday on Abnormal Behaviour where he stated that same sex marriage and homosexuality should not be encouraged, readers have been sharing their comments on Facebook. Readers chastised Fingall for spreading misinformation about homosexuality and more in particular the spread of AIDS. Adrian Charles: "Ironically, I utterly support the right of religious organisations to disapprove of homosexual behaviour. I mean, if they can disapprove of shrimp and pork, who am I to draw the line at sexual mores? But this isn't even an issue of questionable sexual-purity law. He is trumpeting utter, utter falsehood as basis for bigotry". Clarecia Christie: "There is way too much information on the disease for a researcher not to get all the facts before writing about HIV/AIDS-PAHO has an office in Bim one could go there and get the facts WHO has a website and BIm use to have it own AIDS foundation". Adam Patterson: "I am so tired of this island believing that the "norm" equates to moral justice, especially considering the island's norm is abnormal to the ever-changing world's perspectives. Bigotry is not an element of culture or a characteristic of social development - it is just an ominous sign of cultural and social decline and decomposition".    

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