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Barry Alleyne,

Added 21 January 2013


AN HONEST DAY’S  WORK FOR AN HONEST DAY’S PAY. That is what Prime Minister Freundel Stuart wants to see more  of in Barbados. According to the political leader of the Democratic Labour Party, anything less than that will aid in stunting Barbados’ way forward  as a developing nation. Stuart made the assertion to the workers  of Barbados on Saturday night, while delivering a 45-minute feature address at the 20th anniversary dinner and awards ceremony of ADC Building Maintenance, held at the Concorde Experience, just adjacent to the Grantley Adams International Airport, in Seawell, Christ Church. “The people of Barbados must realize giving an honest day’s work for honest day’s pay is one  of the most important things when it comes  to our development,” the Prime Minister said. “It is what all employers expect, and should expect. We can’t ignore the complaints that we hear from employers about this,” Stuart said.

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