Sunshine and jazz


Added 22 January 2013


A mixed menu of musical fare was served up under sunny skies as jazz lovers and enthusiasts enjoyed a jampacked day of music on the spacious and breezy lawn of Ilaro Court at the fourth day of the Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari, Sunday. For a programme billed as Sunshine For The Stars, taking to the stage were artistes who riffed, plucked, picked, blew and slapped horns, guitars and percussion instruments to produce sounds that were appreciated by the audience. The headline act, Melanie Fiona, would come an stage at 7 p.m. to treat her adoring fans to her sweet vocals as they sang along to music from her two albums. From early, patrons spread blankets and sheets on the ground and even settled in with pillows to enjoy the musical fare offered for the day. What could not be satisfied on stage was treated by what was in the packed picnic baskets and coolers.

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