Road tennis to the world!


Added 30 July 2014


With the satisfying honour of being responsible for the revival of Barbados’ indigenous sport of road tennis, Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley is set on replicating the success of the Silver Hill Road Tennis Tournament in other sports and in different communities throughout the island. Minutes after over 2 000 fans lapped up tremendous play from three finals in the third edition of the highly successful tournament at the Silver Hill court, Lashley declared that he felt satisfied with the growth of the tournament which was launched to revive the sport as well as to improve relationships in communities like Silver Hill. “I am very pleased, as when we started this tournament three years ago we were looking at a way of bringing our communities together,  getting the young people more focused and while enjoying the game of road tennis the residents were afforded the opportunities to vend and make an honest dollar. “We are looking at major infrastructure improvement here in Silver Hill starting with making the building next to the court a multi-purpose sports centre and we have already drawn up plans to improve the hard court and make it a covered venue so that tennis and other sports can be played in Silver Hill regardless of the weather,” stated Lashley. While thanking the media, particularly the Nation for the coverage of the Silver Hill tournament and taking the sport into the Barbadian homes, Lashley indicated that the mushrooming success of the tournament demanded future management for the crowd and traffic entering Silver Hill. “The media coverage helped greatly in taking my dream into the homes in Barbados to ignite the passion for road tennis in other communities. “We are looking at continuing the 20/20 tapeball competition at Briar Hall and we hope to organise a netball competition here at Silver Hill also. “The Sports Council is working on the road tennis outreach programme in the Caribbean as we want to hold a regional tournament. But there is nothing stopping Barbados from hosting a world tournament even if only Barbadians take part since that is something which the United States do in basketball,” said Lashley. The minister indicated that with the explosion of tournaments in other communities more players would spring up to feed into the national programme. “That is why I do not think that the strict mandate which I have given to the National Sports Council is unrealistic.  We want to stage a world tournament by 2015,” he added.    

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