Childless and loving it


Added 13 October 2012


I AGREE with the woman in last week’s I Confess – Never Want To Have Kids. My problem is with the stupid people who have negative things to say of her decision. I don’t think some of them read the whole story. All of us have the right to do what we think is best for us. Some people choose to have a bunch of kids, whom they cannot support, just because they can have them. What else can I say? They are not thinking about the children when they bring so many into the world; they are thinking about themselves. Children need more than just to survive; they need health care, food, clothing, shelter, education, love, and all that goes with good parenting. I understand that woman, because I am with her, I am like her, and so is my sister. We chose not to have kids too, and we are in no way selfish. We look out for our nieces, nephews, other siblings and parents. And we are in no way looking for them to do anything for us when we get into our 70s, 80s, 90s or whatever. For one thing, the young people today are not like youth of yesteryear. So any of you who are giving to receive, I applaud you. We give because we can, not only to family but strangers too. So, all who think women without children are selfish, you are dead wrong! We are more loving, caring and motherly than some of those who have four, five, six, even ten children. Have these women really thought things through before having these kids? I suspect that’s a big fat no. But we have. The experience of coming from parents with very little education who struggled to keep their eight children fed, clothed and sheltered gave us insight of what to do and what not to do. If more women would think before having babies, the world would be a better place. I seem to recall that not long ago there was a story of a woman who had ten children – for eight men, if I am not mistaken. But now this woman is doing what is best for her, some readers are calling her selfish – they chewed her out. To all you stupid responders, would you rather have her asking Government for a home to house her kids? Aren’t there enough of those already? Bajans should be kissing her for not taking our tax dollars! All those who are critical of this woman who said she never wanted kids should bug off. She is the best. And she is welcome to join the camp of me and my sister anytime. Childless and love it.

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