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Added 13 October 2012


TWO PENDING LAWSUITS have set tongues wagging amongst the legal fraternity. The lawyers are anticipating big pay days for senior members of their group as the suits will pit four titans in their respective fields against each other. The first lawsuit, which is expected to be heard soon, involves two prominent doctors. One is suing the other for defamation and has hired a high-priced Queen’s Counsel of vast experience to argue his case. Cou Cou understands that sparks are expected to fly as these medics finally get down to the heart of the divisive matters that have seen them clash through the years. The other case to be heard involves a top politico against a successful businessman. In this case the politico is seeking to take the former head honcho of a once mighty company to the cleaners for an incident which, according to what Cou Cou was told, took place four years ago. And to ensure he achieves this objective, he has hired one of the most respected Queen’s Counsel in Barbados. Of course, that legal eagle does not come cheap at all. The former company boss, who was once associated with a certain clique, is expected to be defended by a battery of high-priced attorneys, also expected to include a Queen’s Counsel or two. However these two cases turn out for the litigants, for sure a few members of the Bar Association will be smiling all the way to the bank.   Judgement day ANOTHER ADMINISTRATION OF 14 YEARS is facing the angst of some of its constituents and could very well have their last days in office come next Wednesday. Word is that there are a dozen candidates competing for just five seats, and as the big day draws near the campaigning has taken on the character assassination aspects of a national election. Reports are that on the unregulated blogs, Facebook and other social media, supporters and detractors of candidates are pumping out the venom. This activity seems to be fuelled by the perceived perks that come with the positions. Insiders tell Cou Cou, though, that whoever wins, they will have major work to do.   Politician and farmer An avid reader sent this one to Cou Cou: A POLITICIAN is very much like a farmer. He engages in sowing and reaping, though reaping much more than he has sown. He learns quickly to keep something in store for a rainy day – whether it be a bailout, excuse or a simple lie. He ensures he has a cash cow or two from which to extract his sweets and/or fund his largesse, and, of course, he looks to milk the system for his benefit and that of his cronies. He must ensure that he has a handy bunch of yardfowls and lame ducks to back him all the way; as well as a flock of sheep and goats to follow him blindly (and sometimes foolishly). A few pigs are also essential to help spew his hogwash (political rhetoric), not to mention paling cocks to trumpet his causes. He also keeps a few attack dogs to ward off critics or those who may want to plunder his political produce. He is seen out and about in the fields at harvest time (elections) when opportunity is ripe for the picking; but only his close friends, cohorts and political sponsors can come near the farmhouse after that. Finally, he wants to be remembered as the man who planted the most seeds, watered the most beds, produced the most goods and ended up with the biggest barns.

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