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Added 13 October 2012


FRIENDS OF A NON-NATIONAL WOMAN want to know why she did not attend the funeral of her man’s grandmother. Was it a case that she was not informed that the poor old woman had died? Or was she not invited? Whatever the case, it seems that her man has finally come to realize that the two beautiful “daughters” he dotes on are not his children even though they have been given his surname. No wonder she was overheard telling someone on the day of the funeral that she was not going because the old woman was not related to her or her children.   More trouble THE wayward son of a well known educator has done it again! One would have thought that after putting his parents through major agony and embarrassment a few years ago that he would have cleaned up his act. But it seems that he continues to be a lost soul who cannot shake off his illegal vice. Wonder what daddy has to say now about his son’s fresh legal troubles.   Big setback HAVING A BIG HEART and deep pockets and rolling with the head honcho have not won a certain professional any favours. From what we understand, he is definitely off the list and won’t be able to perform any of his lifesaving techniques. This is obviously another serious blow for this man who speaks with a heavy North American accent.   But if all else fails and he has to give up saving lives, he can still perform on stage or continue his story telling.   Cheque it out TWO MEN stand to benefit in a big way when a certain deal is signed, sealed and delivered. One will be walking away with a fat cheque just for being the boss, while the other will be dancing all the way to the bank and singing finders keepers. We guess that’s called getting your house in order since 60 million Frenchmen can’t be wrong.   Lawless talk A CERTAIN WELL-TO-DO man has been warned to stop his attacks on the character of a female, or he could find himself before the courts. The warning came from a top man from a certain grouping with which the well-to-do man was once associated. The top man says he and his grouping are aware of what this well-to-do individual has been going around saying about the female, and they want him to stop. The woman, too, is angry and is said to be planning to speak out about what her former well-to-do colleague is saying. The top man feels the reason his former well-to-do colleague is being a busybody is because he has no respect for women and can’t live with the fact that a woman got the nod over him for a certain event.   Thief on rampage RESIDENTS of a St Michael district are wondering when a teenage thief will be permanently removed from off the streets. He steals everything. As soon as a bicycle is put down he takes it up. When residents hang out their clothing to dry he makes off with them. And he does it all for drugs. Only recently he and a cohort snatched a woman’s handbag clean off her arm and bolted. His mother, who walks the streets day and night begging men for money, is forever denying that he does anything wrong.

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