PM still mum on election date


Added 13 October 2012


Prime Minister Freundel Stuart isn’t ready to reveal the date for the next general election just yet. But today after being part of a mass canvass in St James, he did indicate the Democratic Labour Party would be taking its story to the people “over the next few months”. The next election is constitutionally due by April next year. “What I can tell you, is that the election is seven days closer to the date than when I answered that same question last week,” responded Stuart, in his unique tongue and cheek manner when asked if he was closer to revealing the special date. “That day is going to come. And I can tell you we won’t have to send out any messengers for us. The people are going to be the messengers. On election night there will be no scope for analysis or conjecture. There will be election results, and they will show the Democratic Labour Party has won. We are secure in our own minds as what the people of Barbados expect of us, and we will make sure we live and conduct ourselves true to those expectations". The Prime Minister also had a special message for the Opposition, Barbados Labour Party. “Either get out of the way, or you will be stepped upon. We are on the march to victory".  (BA)  Full story in tomorrow's SUNDAY SUN

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