“Fire of love for Barbados”


I  SUBMIT a few verses for our Barbados at it reaches 50 years of Independence.

Fire, fire, burning brightly,

Flames burst forth through hills and valleys

Into city and to country

Touching houses with consummate caring.

People gaze in wild amazement

At this unexplained event.

Bring no water to quench this fire

For it is a fire of love,

For it is a fire of love.


Love for country, our Barbados,

So so small, but yet so great!

Education you have given us

Primary right to tertiary;

In the health and social service

Something there for everyone,

Difficult sometimes, but yet helping

Many needs still being met.


But amidst this love and beauty

Some still hate, and fight, and wound;

Let’s join hands and give assistance

To tum these unwelcome scenes around.


But, do not quench this spreading fire,

Do not quench these burning flames,

This is love for our Barbados

This is love for home, sweet home.


Let us cherish and embrace it,

Let us use our talents here;

Never, never, snuff out this fire,

For it is the fire of love,

Fire of love for Dear Barbados.


So let the bells peal . . .

Sing songs of joy and praise,

For Barbados now at 50 years!