“Services, snoring and surprises”


I remember looking forward to Christmas morning at 5:00 AM service. The house was always full of the smell of the ham and coconut bread baking, Mummy and Daddy rushing us off to bed by 10 o'clock, and them staying up to finish all preparations. They would listen to midnight mass on the radio or watch it on tv. We’d have to bathe before we went to bed and lay out all our undies and socks so that when we wake up at 3 AM we would be half ready. We’d get into the Church around 3:45 to make sure we got seats and then I’d spend the next few hours watching that my father did not snore in church!

My highlight apart from the music was watching the sunrise and listening for the Christmas cock! As a child, I thought that he was specially picked for Christmas morning and it was his job to crow at precisely 6:00 AM.

We’d then visit family members and eat snippets of breakfast all the way home where we’d have our feast!

Before breakfast was digested, we were off again to the family get together for lunch and inevitably there was some relative who’d call from the airport to surprise everyone that they’d made it home for Christmas. We had the tradition of surprise! I love Christmas!

– by Dondonqt


Wishing you a happy Christmas from the entire team at The Nation.