“Treasury workers affected by foul odor again”


The National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) is awaiting the findings in a report on the Treasury Building before deciding the next step by their members working there.

Yesterday, for the second time this year, workers in the Bridgetown complex walked off the job because of a foul odour.

Although the workers were not affected by the smell for long, NUPW acting general secretary Delcia Burke said union representatives did go to the Treasury Building to speak to their members.

She said that they were not sure if that smell had the same origin as the odour from January 9. She added that the report was before officials at the Ministry of Finance and they were hoping to soon see the results.

“I think the report would have outlined some of the issues with the building, but we would have to wait until we get a copy of the report so that we can advise our members on what is the next move, because if it is something that is unhealthy, it wouldn’t be somewhere they can stay in,” Burke explained.

 In the January 9 incident, workers complained of respiratory problems, and feeling dizzy and nauseated.

At the time, those workers said it was not the first time such an incident had occurred and some of them had fallen ill from the smell up to two months prior. (AD)