“PM sticking to the law on elections”


No laws will be broken, says Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, by the time he decides to ring the bell for general elections.

He told a Democratic Labour Party joint meeting at the Lester Vaughan School on Sunday night that the poll would be held within the constitutionally prescribed period.

Parliament was automatically dissolved last Tuesday, March 6, and now the electorate awaits Stuart’s call.

“I did not dissolve it deliberately. And of course the experts have been giving expressions to their surprise, ‘This is the first time in Barbados’ history that a Parliament was allowed to stand dissolved by effluxion of time’. That is how history is made. History is not made by things happening the same way all the time. History is made by doing things differently,” the Prime Minister said.

He maintained he had neither broken any laws nor intended to break any as it pertained to when the date would be announced.

“So the Parliament stands dissolved and we have 90 days in which to have a General Election in this country. According to Section 36 of the Representation Of The People Act, there has to be an accommodation date and not fewer than 14 or not more than 21 days there has to be a polling date. I can assure you that all of that is going to happen.”

Stuart further told party faithful: “I am a lawyer of 34 years’ experience; I am one of Her Majesty’s counsel; I sit on her Majesty’s Privy Council in London and therefore I have no vested interest to not subscribing to the rule of law . . . .

“But the fortune tellers, the obeah men, practitioners of political witchcraft have all been having a field day trying to say when election can be and cannot be, and so on. Let me assure you, members of the Democratic Labour Party and people of this country, we are going to have an election in Barbados in accordance with the Constitution of Barbados within the 90-day period prescribed by the Constitution,” he added. (SDB Media)