“Coroner rules ‘death by vehicular accident’”


Coroner Manila Renee yesterday gave a verdict of vehicular accident in the case of John Corbin, who was killed in a crash almost four years ago.

The inquest into the death of the 41-year-old autobody repairman, of Long Bay Development, St Philip, concluded after the Coroner’s Court heard from two final witnesses.

Corbin’s car and entertainer Ricky “Lil Rick” Reid’s vehicle collided at Boarded Hall, St George, during the early hours of April 7, 2014. He died at the scene.

Reid testified that he saw the headlights of a car coming towards him and he veered off, bracing for the impact. It caused his airbags to be deployed and he ended up with a mild headache. When he checked on the other driver, the man was groaning and eventually stopped.

Delroy “Pretty Boy” Stuart said he saw Corbin’s car overtaking another vehicle and then heard an impact, so he raced to the scene and came upon Corbin, who appeared to be dead. He added Reid was trying to get Corbin’s attention.

Corbin’s brother Alfonsa Corbin told the court the car belonged to him and had not been modified after he bought it from a man in 2014.

Meanwhile, wife Natalie Corbin said John made a pact with her and stopped drinking at the start of the year, using only energy drinks, cran water and Plus. She said he liked fast driving and had told her the car Alfonsa loaned him was used by its previous owner for racing.

Yesterday, the court heard from Beverley Hughes, operator of BN Variety at the corner of Halls Road and Belmont Road, St Michael, and Glyne Payne, of Cleavers, St John.

Hughes said she and John knew each other for about ten years, but got close three years before he died. During that time, he would talk to her daily, text and visit, but they did not have a sexual relationship.

She said the day before John died, he came by the shop and Payne bought two beers for him, one of which he only sipped and then fell asleep. Hughes added that after she chided him previously about how much he drank and the need to stop, at the start of the year he was drinking only Plus, cranwater and energy drinks.

He left the shop after midnight on April 7 and later that morning, she got a call from Payne saying that John had died.

Payne said John drank the two beers he bought him that Sunday. He had never seen him driving fast or reckless, he testified. (AC)