“EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK: Tap Bajan brain power”


During her mini-budget presentation on June 11, Prime Minister Mia Mottley urged Barbadians to participate in the rescue, recovery and rebuilding of their homeland.

As a result, the Government is looking for ideas from the public. A good suggestion to get people at all levels involved.

In a one-party parliamentary Government, Barbados needs ideas, some of which will and should be contrary to what the ruling administration may be offering.

We need to have an independent think tank in this country dealing with public policy issues. There is a great deal of brain power in Barbados and it needs to be exposed for constructive public debate.

This is not about an alternative political party, but rather about seeking to expose other views on the issues of the day.

The policymakers in Bay Street need to hear from the experts on the outside on how current policies are working, about the alternatives, consequences and, most important, about the likely costs.

This challenge should not be spearheaded by the Cave Hill campus, but still must include the best brains from on the Hill.

The members of the think tank must be unconventional and their research should be timely and engage the influencers, the public and the media.

This think tank must not be a part of Government but should be supported by independent organisations. It would be heartening if the top seven credit unions donated some of their surplus funds over a prescribed period towards such a public good. (ES)