“Barbados team named for CCCAN”


OLYMPIANS LANI CABRERA and Alex Sobers headline the Barbados swim team announced for Central American and Caribbean (CCCAN) Swimming Championships.

The meet is being held in Trinidad from June 28 to July 3, 2017.

Also on the women’s team are McKayla Treasure, Danielle Titus, Ashley Weekes, Danielle Treasure, Zahra Gasking, Aza Dunwoody, Keilani Talma, Adia Deane and Kayla Renwick.

Sobers will be joined by Christopher Courtis, Jack Kirby, Luis Sebastian Weekes, Damon St Prix, Jumar Walrond, Nkosi Dunwoody, McCallum Clarke, Tristan Pragnell, Roan Baker, Christopher Pollard, Zachary Taylor, Omari Sealy, Kai Trotman.

The head coach is Darny Olalde Hernandez who will be assisted by Antonio Martinez-Petrolanda.

Andrea Titus is the team manager and Merville Sealy will serve as chaperone. 

The open water, synchronised swimming and water polo teams were also named. (NB)

Open Water

3K - Amalie Baker (12-13 women)


5K - Danielle Clarke (14-17 women)

Rebecca Lashley (14-17 women)

Eric Lashley (14-17 men)

Nathaniel Roach (14-17 men)


Coach: Aisha Norville

Team manager: Samantha Clarke

CHAPERONE: Matthew Lashley


Synchronised swimming

Gracie Foster (11-12 solo, routine & figures)

Erika Loustic (13-15 solo, routine & figures)


Head coach: Kiera Bloom

Manager / Chaperone: Tanya Foster


Water Polo


James Edghill

Britain Ellis

Shane Evelyn

Andre Ferdinand

Russell Broome-Webster

Gabriel Mayers

Adrian Cummins

Akeem Nurse

Stanley Brooker

Ryan Forde

Gabriel Mayers

Liam Manning

Cary Banfield



Abijah Beckles

Nathan James

Lamar Mayers

Gabriel Mayers

Jonathan Bryan

Dave Searles

Anij Brewster

Luke Kelshall

Xavier Smith-Taylor

Darien Maynard

Tyrese Beckles


Head coach: Ryan Forde

Assistant coach: Laszlo Hruza