No tears for Trinidad pipeline proposal

26 May 2017

AFTER READING recent statements from the minister responsible for energy, nobody should moan nor groan about the derailment of the Trinidad-Barbados natural-gas pipeline proposal. Leave the moaning and groaning to those who discovered the sub-aqua mountains and gorges... Read More


Bagging plastic bags

25 May 2017

AS WE INCH EVER CLOSER to eliminating plastic bags from supermarkets, I have to ask an important question: Has any of this been thought out? Supporters of the initiative point to the positive impact on landfills and on the environment as a major reason, but is that... Read More


Lesson from the donkey

24 May 2017

JACKASSES SOMETIMES EXHIBIT greater insight than humans. The Christian Bible contains a story in Numbers 22:21-39 about a prophet called Balaam, who displeased God. Because of this, God sent one of his angels with the sword to punish Balaam while he was riding his... Read More


Let us choose, please

23 May 2017

PLEASE PERMIT ME to respond to Canadian High Commissioner Marie Legault and her notion that Barbados should decriminalise same-sex conduct [as stated in last Thursday’s DAILY NATION]. Where does Canada – and indeed the High Commissioner – derive the moral authority... Read More


Church can help youth

22 May 2017

WE HAVE SOME incredible young Barbadians who are excelling in music, sports, academics, culture and other arenas. Perhaps we should celebrate them more and provide additional resources for their development as they are certainly doing credit to our beloved nation. ... Read More


Peeved about $3.4m cost for Queen’s Park

21 May 2017

FROM TIME TO TIME and on a number of occasions in the past, the Press has projected itself as a bastion of our democracy and equally a guardian of our heritage. Speaking as a taxpayer, I am concerned that at this time an amount of $3.4 million can be extracted from... Read More


‘Building police’ need to wake up

19 May 2017

IN REFERENCE TO THE WEEKEND NATION article Bawl Over Wall (April 21, 2017), it is not only the wall we have to highlight but the bigger picture. It is about the fact that the individual is building with no consideration for the locals who have owned properties in... Read More


Reducing cost of living for families

18 May 2017

THERE ARE MANY FAMILIES in Barbados who are living pay cheque to pay cheque and are vulnerable to major unplanned expenses. Others cannot pay all of their mortgage payments, utility bills and food expenses, and must prioritise payments. Some are cutting back on food... Read More


Creating a level playing field?

17 May 2017

IN APRIL THIS YEAR, America’s President Donald Trump introduced a tariff of up to 24 per cent on lumber imported to the United States from Canada. He said that this measure was implemented because the Canadian government was heavily subsidising the Canadian lumber... Read More


Spanking as a deterrent

16 May 2017

CRIMINOLOGIST CHERYL WILLOUGHBY struck the nail on its head by stating “you have to discipline according to the particular child and the particular incident”. Other people would have said, “let the punishment fit the crime”, and I have recently said, “no one fit... Read More


Our dollar needs adjusting

15 May 2017

THE UNITED STATES DOLLAR is wildly overvalued, and our Central Bank’s stubborn adherence to a 2:1 US dollar parity is going to stall all our attempts at economic recovery in Barbados. It is nothing short of folly to have our dollar fixed to the world reserve currency.... Read More


Living only to deny reality

14 May 2017

WHAT MAKES HUMAN BEINGS the most successful of all earthly creatures? A book released in 2013 advanced the theory that it’s our singular ability to deny reality when it’s staring us in the face. Ajit Varki and Danny Brower argued that consciousness brings no evolutionary... Read More


Don’t let gays get our children

12 May 2017

AMBROSE CARTER, stand firm in your convictions. Do not apologise to or allow yourself to be intimidated by the many homosexual activists and their sympathisers. They typically shout their public relations propaganda, bumper sticker-like slogans and imprecise terms... Read More


Corporal punishment a thing of the past

11 May 2017

THE PRESS SOMETIMES gets things wrong. I am hoping that they got it wrong and misreported the director of the Criminal Justice Research Unit, Cheryl Willoughby, as saying that parents should be allowed to discipline their children as they see fit. For surely Ms... Read More


Sugar tax needs revising

10 May 2017

RECENTLY THERE HAS BEEN much debate about whether the sugar tax on soft drinks should be increased from ten per cent and, if so, whether the new rate should be 20 per cent or even 50 per cent. I support the concept of encouraging consumers to consume healthier beverages.... Read More


Hypocrisy of developed states

09 May 2017

THIS IS TRULY an amazing world. For many years Barbados has been unable to hang even the most vicious murderers because developed countries and organisations overseas say that these men have “human rights” which we must respect. We could not send Raoul Garcia... Read More


Finding signs of hope

08 May 2017

OUR GOVERNMENT rightly recognises that people need to have a sense of hope, but mistakenly seeks this hope entirely in its own policies and its style of leadership when, it seems, our real hope for the future lies in our rejection of these very policies and style of... Read More


Forensic techniques can be unreliable

07 May 2017

IN QUESTION TIME in yesterday’s SATURDAY SUN, Law ‘N Order concludes his questions with: “Are all officers subjected to polygraph testing?” Evidently, Law ‘N Order is unaware that polygraph exams have a 20 per cent error rate. This means that 20 per cent of miscreants... Read More


Starting war a heavy responsibility

05 May 2017

A CENTURY AGO THIS MONTH, President Woodrow Wilson persuaded a reluctant America to jump into the carnage of World War I. A major, anti-militarist movement had challenged the wisdom of sending America’s young men to die on European killing fields over a dispute that... Read More


Sweet drinks not the only culprit

04 May 2017

I JUST THOUGHT I would make a few comments on the recent calls for an increase in the sweet drink tax in an effort to curb obesity in our nation. Why are only sweet drinks being targeted as a source of sugar? If you go to the supermarket and look around, you will... Read More


Right way to privatise

03 May 2017

GIVEN OUR HISTORY, it was necessary that all Barbadians be given access to similar opportunities to create their futures. Over the past 50 years, the Government of Barbados has facilitated this by providing all Barbadians with free access to health care and education... Read More




Show able-bodied people be fined for using parking spots intended for disabled people?

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