No pay needed to protest

30 March 2017

THIS IS THE LEVEL of disrespect the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) continues to show us, the people of this country. An estimated 10 000 to 15 000 marched on March 11 to show disgust about the state of this country and the first thing [its operatives] can say is that... Read More


When needy tenants turn on landlords

29 March 2017

A FEW WEEKS AGO, the Minister of Housing and Lands bemoaned the fact that there were in Barbados an inordinate number of vacant lots/houses whilst at the same time there were many citizens who were in dire need of housing solutions. He then suggested that approaches... Read More


Stuart a good leader

28 March 2017

THERE IS A TIME for everything under the sun, and this is the time and season when Barbadians examine and re-examine our political leaders. Once again the leadership of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has come under a barrage of written and verbal slaughter such as... Read More


All statistics not partisan, Mr Minister

27 March 2017

THE ARTICLE CAPTIONED Jones Ridicules Hinkson’s Charges in last Monday’s edition of your newspaper purports to report on the aspect of the previous week’s Estimates Debate in the House of Assembly. During it, the issue of what percentage of students in Barbados obtain... Read More


Put the Windies madness to rest

26 March 2017

I DIFFER WITH the writer of the Editorial in Friday’s WEEKEND NATION as to who is to be blamed for the continued demise of our beloved West Indies team. It is easy to blame the administrators of West Indies cricket, while at the same time find it hard to apportion the... Read More


More advice for Govt

23 March 2017

I READ WITH INTEREST the article Bynoe’s Remedy in the last WEEKEND NATION. Andrew Bynoe’s suggestions are aimed at helping Barbados’ socio-economic situation. As a businessperson myself, I support his suggestions and I would like to contribute some of my views too.... Read More


Psychiatric not best place for unit

22 March 2017

I WOULD LIKE to express my thoughts as to where it is appropriate to build an adolescent residential unit. It has been suggested that it would be best placed on the grounds of the present Psychiatric Hospital. Some people agree with this while others have opposing... Read More


Too long fumbling

21 March 2017

IT IS WITH MUCH DISMAY that I watch from the sidelines as our beautiful country continues to slide deeper and deeper down the tubes. We are being led by a leader whose approach can only be regarded as persistent “fumbling stewardship”. We continue to disregard the... Read More


Portvale burning a health hazard

20 March 2017

PLEASE FIND BELOW an email I sent to environmental health [department]. To date I have had no response from the department. I wish to draw to your attention the damage being done to the environment and the people living in it. Portvale [sugar factory] is burning... Read More


Give young people room to blossom

19 March 2017

I WONDER WHAT our Ministers of Social Care and Education might have said to the young David Thompson, who as a teenager appeared on CBC Television, or for that matter a Malala Yousafzai. What we know is that they seemingly disapproved of a young 13-year-old Khaleel... Read More


Kensington experience one ta forget

17 March 2017

JUDGING FROM MY experience at last week’s cricket, West Indies cricket is not the only thing in crisis. Our experience of the “Mecca” was at best an unprofessional sham. I purchased tickets as soon as they became available locally on February 2. There were six of... Read More


Read’s comments off the mark

16 March 2017

I AM RESPONDING to an article which appeared in the last SUNDAY SUN entitled: Haulers Unsure About Success Of Tipping Fee. Since it is very difficult to substantiate the accuracy of anything written in the newspaper, I write under the assumption that the writer is... Read More


Hard for students to get loans now

15 March 2017

REMEMBER THE GOVERNMENT announced that students would have to pay tuition fees at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus almost four years ago? Then the Minister of Education said on television that students could access funding to go to university from... Read More


Crying need for good work ethic

13 March 2017

AMIDST ALL THE TALK of downgrades, rising debts, lack of economic growth and so on, I would like to point out the fact that we have refused for years to help ourselves. My major concern is the ridiculously poor level of productivity and work attitudes rampant across... Read More


Sinking feeling about DLP Govt

12 March 2017

MY HEART IS heavy. There is a painful feeling in my bones. And yet I have to explore. Why would the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government of Barbados publicly slight such a massive country as China? Read More


While de-bushing spare a thought for the ecosystem

10 March 2017

ALL OF A sudden, some Government parliamentarians and officials have woken up to a perceived need to de-bush several privately-owned plots of land. I wish to issue a word of caution where this newly fashionable idea is concerned. The ecology of Barbados, taken... Read More


When will real reform happen?

09 March 2017

WHEN I FIRST HEARD that the Government of Barbados was instituting a programme of public sector reform, I was very impressed. When I discovered that a middle management officer was being appointed to implement this reform, I was equally unimpressed. The ineffectiveness... Read More


Teaching youth peace

08 March 2017

MY SWEET HOMELAND Barbados is fast becoming the modern day wild west. It is very common these days to wake up to a news item that some person was the victim of a shooting during the night and it is no longer restricted to certain neighbourhoods but has now began... Read More


Protect agro jobs, foreign exchange

07 March 2017

RECENTLY there was a report of a new food import substitution plan aimed at protecting jobs in the agricultural sector. This plan comes after several years of uncontrolled importation of food crops to the island. Food crop production is now stunted, resulting... Read More


Arthur, DLP and political expedience

06 March 2017

IF THE Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government has proven that it is good at anything, it has to be that it is good at playing political games, doing almost exclusively what is politically expedient, and that without a doubt for them it will always be party first.... Read More


Nothing but the truth will do

05 March 2017

IT IS SAID THAT the key to solving any problem is to first accept and admit that you have one. Notwithstanding previous announcements, it gives me great pride to see that some of our leaders have finally admitted that their policies have either failed or that they did... Read More




Should minors be allowed to speak on political platforms?

Don't Know