Give Fraser a passport

20 January 2017

OUR SCHOOLS’ ATHLETICS SEASON is upon us and I recently had a conversation with a young, tremendously talented athlete who undoubtedly is among the best in the country. She aspires to represent Barbados at the international level and has the potential to realise... Read More


Change Transport Board directors

19 January 2017

AS A PROUD FORMER CHAIRMAN of the Transport Board, I consider its ongoing failure to provide Barbadian commuters with sufficient buses for them to comfortably go about their daily business as a national disgrace, embarrassment and discomfort. That is the only assessment... Read More


Constant disregard for our concerns

18 January 2017

LET ME STATE from the beginning that I do not believe there are any inconveniences in relation to life and living. There is only “what is” and “what is not”. For example, the pothole problem currently causing distress and frustration on our roads cannot be simply... Read More


Time to regulate banking, finance

17 January 2017

THE RAINY DAY is a phenomenon that provokes the idea that saving is essential, in case bad or no planning has been initiated. When careful planning has been put in place, and the end result is no different from the lack of preparation, this makes one wonder, what... Read More


Accountability the key

16 January 2017

FOR MANY YEARS NOW, there has been a lot of discussion about public sector efficiency. Some commentators have suggested that the infusion of a businesslike approach into public sector operations is likely to improve overall efficiency. While I am inclined to agree... Read More


Crime does pay!

15 January 2017

IS THE OLD DICTUM “Crime does not pay” really true? The recent brouhaha over the habits of the coconut vendors made me consider the question asked above. Whilst the actions of the coconut vendors might not be construed as a crime in the strictest and legal sense... Read More


Charging for tertiary education wrong move

13 January 2017

FREE UNIVERSITY TUITION is an investment that is critical for the future of Barbados. In fact, a university educated citizenry is so important for our country that this should be a priority for how we spend taxpayer dollars. As an investment, it is reasonable for... Read More


Seeing through Donville Inniss

12 January 2017

SO AGAIN the mainstream Press is eating out of Donville Inniss’ hands. It appears that he has been providing them with tidbits to position him as separate from, and now a victim of, the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of his Government. The Press has a tremendous... Read More


$5.6m to study roads, bridges?

11 January 2017

THE EDITORIAL in the January 6 WEEKEND NATION mentioned an allocation of $5.6 million for a Caribbean Development Bank-funded road and bridge improvement study. As one with an enquiring mind, I am asking the relevant newspaper to recheck this amount of money to ascertain... Read More


Getting the buy-in

10 January 2017

ON YOUR MARK, get set and engines on full. It certainly does appear with one cursory look at the newspapers that we are accelerating along the road to perdition for 2017. Just a few days into the new year and we are treated to suggestions of possible devaluation;... Read More


What’s this about sexual orientation?

09 January 2017

IT IS NOT SOPHISTICATED to talk about God in public affairs. If, as a token gesture, He must be mentioned, then all references to Him should be politically correct. I choose to be neither sophisticated nor politically correct in addressing the ungodly appointment of... Read More


Another road safety tip for the list

08 January 2017

IN AN EFFORT to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents, a leading insurance company has recently published a list of ten tips. While the initiative is to be highly commended, I am most surprised that one of the very bad habits causing significant collisions... Read More


Looking towards new beginning

06 January 2017

WITH THE START of a brand new year ahead, it’s now the perfect time to think about making a new beginning. Maybe this is the year some of us may learn a new language, or travel to the destination we’ve always dreamed of! I want to share with you a few great idioms... Read More


BL&P proposal was flawed

04 January 2017

THERE ARE IMPORTANT lessons to be learned from the failure of BL&P to get the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) to agree to their request to apply the costs of financial hedging to the Fuel Clause Adjustment. First and foremost, the ruling by the FTC is attributable,... Read More


Give Barbados a chance

03 January 2017

WE AS BARBADIANS need to take a long, hard, honest look at our beloved country and ask ourselves if we are satisfied with where we are after 50 years of Independence. This long, hard, honest look demands that we do so with all the objectivity that we can muster through... Read More


Facts on sugar industry

02 January 2017

“He that complies against his will is of his own opinion still” – Samuel Butler (1612-1680) English Poet and Satirist - Hudibras Part iii Canto iii Lines 547-550. IT IS NOT MY REMIT to convince Richard Hoad that the sugar industry as a business should be self-sustainable.... Read More


Cut costs – privatise public transport

01 January 2017

DURING 2016, THERE have been frequent references in the press to the continuing deterioration in Barbados’ financial position. Many commentators have referred to and continue to highlight the country’s horrendous debt, some pointing out that we are now the third most... Read More


Stop depending on Government

30 December 2016

BARBADIANS WANT GOVERNMENT to hold their hands from the cradle to the grave. Barbados does not owe us anything. We owe our country everything. We are becoming a nation of complainers in spite of the fact that successive Governments have given us every opportunity... Read More


Forms of abuse not a gender thing

29 December 2016

ABUSE IS NOT DONE by male or female, it is by people exercising power over others. A very sensitive issue, not to belittle it in anyway, but when a young man is killed, many think it is as a result of some involvement in crime. When a young woman is killed – no,... Read More


‘Grace of giving’ upheld by Scripture

28 December 2016

PLEASE ALLOW ME to correct the erroneous doctrine on giving by correspondent Jefferson Gill. Having undergone the mental thrashing of the 50th anniversary speech by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, in which he said: “There are no miracles workers nor miracles . .... Read More


To all who care about Barbados

27 December 2016

NOW THAT celebrations marking 50 years of Independence are over, maybe we can get back to the reality of what is happening towards the ruining of this once beautiful little island. My major concerns include: • The airport provides bad first impressions for visitors... Read More




Are commercial banks giving customers enough of a return on their savings?

Don't Know