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Shade of the soul main thing

22 September 2017

Oh yes, we are at it again: “Take down Nelson!” I hold no brief for Nelson and his ilk but I have to give myself pause and wonder if any of my African ancestors were responsible for selling their “brothers” to those who carried on the slave trade. On the other hand,... Read More


A punishment, not deterrent

21 September 2017

MR JEFF CUMBERBATCH, in a recent article related to crime, punishment and the rule of law, made reference to the Holy Scriptures that contrasted Moses’ Law of “an eye for an eye” and Jesus’ exhortation “to turn the other cheek”. If Mr Cumberbatch has derived any... Read More


Chris needs a dose of reality

20 September 2017

MINISTER OF FINANCE Christopher Sinckler has a most challenging responsibility. He must consider competing interests and prioritise the spending of limited funds. He must also be careful to respect the concerns of sovereign rating agencies, creditors and the International... Read More


Revisiting why Nelson must go

19 September 2017

PAT HOYOS APPARENTLY does not see any rationale in the calls for the removal of the statue of Lord Horatio Nelson. If I recall, there were a few suggestions in the past that included the following: Lord Nelson was a navy officer, so he should have been placed... Read More


Economic model no longer sustainable

18 September 2017

MY ATTENTION WAS DRAWN to a long letter in your DAILY NATION of August 22, 2017 written by Michael Ray under the caption: Countering The Professor. His submission, which raises old and well-known economic issues, came as a total surprise to me. Michael Ray’s economics... Read More


Education system breeding deviancy

17 September 2017

JOHN CUMBERBATCH, the late president of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT), often described the Common Entrance Examination as elitist. He was convinced that once it remained the gold standard of excellence, the system would eventually be the main cause of several... Read More


Bible a reliable source

15 September 2017

VOB’s Down To Brass Tacks call-in programme host Mr Peter Wickham constantly makes it known to the public via the said radio programme that he does not believe in God or the Bible while not openly stating what he actually does believe in. Nevertheless, as Nobel Prize... Read More


Watch out for September 23

14 September 2017

MANY BARBADIANS are so very unaware of the signs in the sky that God is giving us. Genesis 1:14 states: “And God said, let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years.”... Read More


Teach children by example

13 September 2017

WE WANT OUR CHILDREN to flourish, to live well and fare well – to be happy. Happiness, as Aristotle long ago pointed out, resides in activity, both physical and mental. It resides in doing things that one can take pride in doing well, and hence that one can enjoy... Read More


Why Nelson must fall

12 September 2017

GENERALLY, NATIONS SUCH as Barbados that claim ideological roots in the democratic struggles of the working class have opposed publicly revering persons known to have committed crimes against humanity, and those who have assisted them. The governments of such nations... Read More


Uplifting words can inspire Bajans

11 September 2017

A FRIEND RECENTLY questioned the absence of my contributions in the newspapers. After some introspection, I conceded that I was feeling somewhat disenchanted of late. Like many Barbadians, I also struggle to make ends meet, even though my financial and social circumstances... Read More


The changing face of cricket

10 September 2017

AS MY FRIEND Smoky would say I may be wrong as I usually am, but I have the distinct feeling that there was something wrong with the final ball, or rather “no ball”, which was delivered by Kieron Pollard, captain of the Barbados Tridents, in the final preliminary Caribbean... Read More


Turn to God for answer to crime

08 September 2017

“POST-TRAUMATIC SLAVE SYNDROME” in an oppressive Barbadian society is an underlining cause of the increasing black on black violence and killings in our nation; if you will, a psychological hangover from the violence and oppression meted out to our African ancestors... Read More


Wukking up a waste of dignity

07 September 2017

I MUST ADMIT I am not in the habit of watching CBC very often, but for some unknown reason decided one night recently to tune in and catch up with some of the local news for a change. It was just before 7 p.m. when the station was filling in the time before the news.... Read More


Time to get rid of humbug

06 September 2017

ACCORDING TO MEDIA REPORTS, a number of individuals are commenting around the claim that Cost-U-Less has refused to grant recognition to the Barbados Workers’ Union as the lawful representative of the employees at that establishment. While it is true that recognition... Read More


Never said it

03 September 2017

I write with a heavy heart regarding the inaccurate and misleading report of a speech that I made last Sunday, 27th August, 2017. On Monday, August 28, your publication carried a front page headline A Shame! and in your first paragraph indicated that I said I was “ashamed... Read More


St Lucia has stake in Liat

01 September 2017

IN THE DAILY NATION’S editorial of August 29, titled Fix Problem Of Regional Travel Now, it is stated that the government of St Lucia “has steadfastly refused to become a shareholder in LIAT”. That statement is grossly inaccurate. The government of St Lucia was one... Read More


Begging getting out of hand

31 August 2017

IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to walk through any place where crowds are likely to congregate, whether it is one of the several malls which now dot our landscape, the environs of Bridgetown or Holetown, without being accosted by someone seeking some kind of donation. These... Read More


Jesus backed hanging

30 August 2017

MANY OPPONENTS OF capital punishment are guided by two basic philosophies/world views, but their opposition to the death penalty is not consistent with the basic tenets of the world views they espouse. For example, many in Christendom who accept God as the Creator... Read More


Blinded to the obvious

29 August 2017

I WAS HOPEFUL and excited before the recent meeting of the Social Partnership. All sides recognised that we were on the brink of economic ruin and they were anxious to find an effective solution. They could not wait one more week. Therefore, I highly commend the... Read More


Lesson from Charlottesville

28 August 2017

THE ONGOING PROTESTS in the United States, which became violent on August 12, when tempers flared over the removal of a statue of confederate era military leader Robert E. Lee from his lofty public perch in Charlottesville, have many lessons for Barbadians and the Caribbean.... Read More



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