What is the BLP’s plan?

20 February 2017

PARTIES COME AND parties go; the idea of a third, fourth and fifth party in principle is one that should be welcomed. It augurs well for any democratic state that the freedom exists where ordinary people can put themselves forward to contest political elections. Read More


Stop paying lip service to road safety

19 February 2017

RECENTLY ANOTHER YOUNG life was lost, this time in the Boarded Hall/Lower Greys area. This incident has brought back into focus the inadequate arrangements for pedestrian crossings at critical points along our road network. Read More


Weighing the benefits of projects

17 February 2017

I AM ASKING Barbadians to take cognisance of the optical illusiveness of a cloak and dagger strategy in relation to various issues. What is playing out in the current unrest between the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank is nothing more than... Read More


Cross-breeding with dangerous results

16 February 2017

TO OBJECT to the banning of dangerous dogs on the island may be in the best interest of dog breeders who see this activity strictly as a business. However, some of the most dangerous and banned dogs in the world are listed as the American pit bull, the English pit... Read More


Blackness and the church

14 February 2017

YOUNG JAMAL, a sloucher by habit, sat up straight for once without anyone asking him to do so. He stared at me, shocked: “I thought Jesus was white!” We were in church watching a drama that one of my sisters had produced depicting an aspect of the life of Jesus.... Read More


Good to his word

13 February 2017

IF THERE IS one thing which politicians in any part of the world have in common, it is their propensity to make promises to the electorate which they know that they will not, cannot and have no intention of ever trying to keep. As is often said, “A promise is a comfort... Read More


Losers do end up winning, Mr Wickham

12 February 2017

IT IS NO SURPRISE that media houses would seek the opinion of political scientists and commentators when unusual events occur within the political arena. However, when opinions are expressed by people having credible and historical information at their disposal,... Read More


We can overcome crisis

10 February 2017

AFTER READING former Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s comments on the economy, I must confess that a cold chill radiated through my body. It is clear that the road ahead is likely to be particularly difficult for all of us. Mr Arthur is a highly respected economist,... Read More


Pro-choice gives woman a say

09 February 2017

A LETTER WRITER recently asserted that “in order to terminate a pregnancy, you have to still a heartbeat, switch off a developing brain and, whatever the method, break some bones and rupture some organs”. Yes, these events should be considered lawful acts when:... Read More


We don’t need to live forever

08 February 2017

CERTAIN SINGULAR EVENTS engender the need for reflection. The recent passing of my mother, particularly her final years, leads to this letter. The fantasy of immortality is an ancient one, but modern medical science is breathing new life into this dream. About three... Read More


Salary increase could help economy

07 February 2017

A BADLY NEEDED INCREASE in salaries to public servants, even on a pyramidal scale, could well be the strategy to increase economic growth in Barbados – once it is not too generous to cause the economy to overheat like those given in the 1980s and 90s, and force us into... Read More


We must demand better from Govt

06 February 2017

I AM APPALLED at the audacity of the current Government of the proposed reimbursement of ten per cent to parliamentarians at this time, in such a volatile economic climate. Read More


The business approach won’t work

05 February 2017

I JOIN THOSE who commend Grenville Philips II for stepping out and taking the bold step to establish our newest political party. Given the perceived successes or failures by others before him, to my mind, it will be difficult for emerging political parties to entice... Read More


Let the ‘Tiger’ continue to roar

03 February 2017

SINCE THE START of the WICB PCL Digicel Sportsmax Regional 4-Day Competition and continuing into the WICB Regional Super50 there have been many calls and questions asked by senior sports journalists for the recall of Shivnarine Chanderpaul to the West Indies Test team.... Read More


Devaluation not the way to go

02 February 2017

I AM SURPRISED and concerned by recent discussion of possible devaluation of the Barbados dollar. It only makes producers and consumers adopt defensive positions that can worsen the foreign exchange position. Devaluation is no longer pushed by the IMF as the solution... Read More


Both Muslim and Bajan

01 February 2017

PERMIT ME A response to Mr Hutson Inniss, who wrote in your paper yesterday under the caption Remember That You Are Bajan and proceeded to question the ‘Bajanness’ of Muslims living here. First and foremost, let me correct Mr Inniss on his assumption that I “was... Read More


Politics of fear and division will hurt

31 January 2017

WE RECENTLY SAW how the politics of fear and division has won in the United States, but also in terms of “Brexit”. It is my hope that we do not follow these recent political shifts in our own election, which is constitutionally due to occur by early 2018. If our... Read More


Usury by any name stinks

30 January 2017

“USURY” is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as (1) “The act or practice of lending money at a rate of interest that is excessive or unlawfully high” or (2) “an excessive or unlawfully high rate or amount of interest”. Like Noah Webster, I always thought that usury... Read More


We must stand up for Barbados

29 January 2017

BARBADOS IS FACING the most challenging period that it has had to deal with in the last 40 years. Our national economic position is in chaos and this is causing our usually stable development planning to be on a constant downward slide. Read More


Barrow worked to uplift Caribbean people

27 January 2017

AS BARBADIANS RECENTLY celebrated Errol Barrow Day, I hope they took time to reflect on the life of the man who played a major role in fashioning the way Barbadians viewed themselves, and the way they saw their brothers and sisters in the Caribbean. His was the gospel... Read More


Politicians must earn our trust

26 January 2017

AFTER HAVING NUMEROUS conversations with friends and acquaintances, it appears that many of them share the view that politicians cannot be trusted. It is truly unfortunate that now more than ever, as a people, we appear to be increasingly disconnected and disenchanted... Read More




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