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Too short-sighted

16 February 2018

Politicians are truly remarkable people. In the 1980s when Prime Minister J.M.G.M. Adams wanted to welcome the St George’s University and Medical School to the idle or vacant St Joseph Hospital site and facilities in St Peter, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and... Read More


Indiscipline without dads

15 February 2018

I HAVE SPOKEN AT LENGTH about this issue and former Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s assertion that men are failing the country and not stepping up to their parental responsibility, finds favour with me. In my opinion, our fathers need help. Not only with a job to provide... Read More


Remove the politics

14 February 2018

The front page story in the last SUNDAY SUN puts another perspective into the mix of the wiretapping story. Former Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin says that wiretapping has been going on since 1991 and that all Prime Ministers and Opposition Leaders knew about... Read More


Election after April 30 risky

13 February 2018

As is customary, I was relaxing at a place we commonly refer to as a paradise for fools, where the conversations are normally robust. Topics discussed included but were not limited to the upcoming elections, issues affecting Barbados and the strategies being deployed... Read More


School violence fix

12 February 2018

When former secondary school principals Jeff Broomes and the late Matthew Farley exposed to the press the weapons which had been confiscated from students on the school’s compound, they were vilified and castigated in some quarters for making dark predictions about... Read More


Changes will leave elderly RBC clients in the lurch

11 February 2018

A Nation newspaper last month carried a story entitled RBC Shifting Into Digital Gear. This fundamental change will be implemented in Barbados from the second quarter. Have the many changes resulting from this action been explained to the customers or clients of the... Read More


What’s up with trees?

09 February 2018

This is written with the hope that all civic and environmentally minded people, including the Ministers of Agriculture and Minister of the Environment will take note and act proactively in the interest of all concerned for the benefit of future generations. In light... Read More


Aroma still lingering

08 February 2018

AN EXTRACT I heard on radio of a presentation made by the Prime Minister at a recent party political meeting suggested that he and his party members were gifted in identifying certain political aromas. So help me, Prime Minister, what identifying aroma would you... Read More


Greater need for empowerment

07 February 2018

Why is it that productivity in Barbados continues tobe of much concern? The shortfall in productivity compared with other countries has been Barbados’ economic Achilles heel. It is a problem the Barbados Productivity Council has been focusing on during 2017’s Year Of... Read More


Clergy can play a role

06 February 2018

I have followed the debate about clergy involvement in the upcoming elections over the past few weeks with keen interest. While I suspect the comments made by the chairman of the Barbados Christian Council (BXC) and Monsignor Vincent Blackett were misinterpreted, the... Read More


Revisit PSV culture, radio

05 February 2018

During debate on the Police (Amendment) Bill 2017 in the Senate last Wednesday, Senator Alwyn Adams is reported to have made strong statements about the public service vehicle (PSV) culture in Barbados (ZRs Slammed – DAILY NATION, Thursday, February 1). He described... Read More


Demand better from uncivil servants

04 February 2018

It was a Monday morning, and a number of us were experiencing what some call the blues, which seem to occur for a protracted period in many Government offices in Barbados, especially among the younger members of staff. We were in a queue heading towards the cashier... Read More


Not losing sleep over statue

02 February 2018

“Why should any people want to honour a man who, given the chance, would have kept them in perpetual slavery?” The above is a rather simple question which columnist Richard Hoad chose not to respond to initially. After the question was put to him a second time, he... Read More


A Prime Minister of faith

01 February 2018

THE TRADE UNION MOVEMENT in Barbados is in a deeply divided state. The kingdom of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) came tumbling down with such a terrible crash, that it will take all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to glue all the broken pieces... Read More


Weighing in on school bus woes

31 January 2018

In the Nation newspaper of January 25, the principal of the Grantley Adams Memorial Secondary School is reported to have made a statement with regard to “school bus woes” for students at his school: He said: “. . . some of these children leave home at 5 a.m. (to get... Read More


Six bridges to cross

30 January 2018

When I read in last Thursday’s DAILY NATION that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart had outlined a road map for economic recovery and the paper had reduced it to six broad goals, it reminded me of the song from the 1955 movie Six Bridges To Cross. It is based upon the famous... Read More


Devaluing our political integrity

29 January 2018

Having spent over 50 years actively involved in politics, one becomes aware of the fact that political environments are the most mercurial places you can hope to find yourself, either in or out of the election season. Every area one finds himself or herself – willingly... Read More


Outages signal it’s time for green energy

28 January 2018

Residents of St Philip have been experiencing more than usual power outages in recent weeks and months. Within recent days they have experienced power outages that have subsequently created unwelcome water and telephone outages. These outages, with their attendant... Read More


Time to call

26 January 2018

Ronsford Beaton is the latest West Indian bowler to be caught in the chuckers’ web. The game of cricket is governed by the Laws Of Cricket. They consist of forty-two laws of which the latest code came into force on October 1, 2017. Law 21.2 determines whether... Read More


Unbearable wait for Sargeant Street bus

24 January 2018

Conditions in the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal have got worse, especially with the Sargeant Street route. We, the commuters, are forced to wait long hours for buses. This situation has been ongoing from last year. Then, between midday and 4 p.m. and in peak time... Read More


Role of Christ’s soldiers in society

22 January 2018

The current divide, in reference to the SUNDAY SUN Back Page of January 14, 2018, captioned “Split among clergymen on active elective party politics”, reinforces the point that the four walls of the church represent unseen barriers erected by church leaders. They keep... Read More




Do you want to see police officers stationed in schools?