Bajans must hold place on WI team

24 July 2017

IT IS INDEED a real joy to know that so many Barbadians are in the West Indies cricket team once again. This is something all Barbadians should be very proud of since it shows that our standard of cricket is not the worst in the region. What our players must do... Read More


Put aside egos, let all ideas contend

23 July 2017

DO WE, AS the normal ego-driven personalities have a self-centred sense of entitlement to the rightness of our views and solutions, especially for the economic woes of Barbados? In an answer, it seems as if that has been the position of this DLP government since... Read More


Need for better traffic signage in Warrens

20 July 2017

THE LONG-OVERDUE traffic signs in the Warrens area are being worked on, in fulfilment of a promise to review the direction. What bothers me at this stage, however, is that the markings on the road are always covered by traffic so most of the time they cannot be seen.... Read More


Death penalty discussion necessary

19 July 2017

The loss of a loved one as a result of an accident or a medical condition is heart-rending to say the least. But the anguish that accompanies the murder of a relative, I cannot begin to imagine what that would feel like. With a heavy heart I wish to express condolences... Read More


Workers deserve a strike fund

17 July 2017

IS IT REALLY TRUE what I heard on Friday from a former senior trade unionist? Would he have been right with what he had to say about the trade unions? Can Miss Toni Moore, Mr Akanni McDowall, Miss Mary Redman and Mr Pedro Shepherd please inform us, the general public,... Read More


Young people display poor speaking skills

16 July 2017

PERSONAL HYGIENE AND ETIQUETTE call for individual effort. It is one of the most basic efforts one can perform. Many young black boys don’t seem to make this effort and girls are joining their ranks. But where is their self-esteem, that whole value of self-worth... Read More


In step, except on CTUSAB

14 July 2017

THERE ONCE WAS an umbrella organisation answering to the acronym CTUSAB – the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados. It had its wings clipped by an act of pique by the strongest member of the group when the Lord High Panjandrum of the Barbados... Read More


Dave Cameron has to go

13 July 2017

WEST INDIES CRICKET is heading to a second tier level in Test and One-Dayers. And it cannot be saved unless the present administrators vacate office and allow alternative management, which may or may not change the status. But it is worth a try. The present administrators... Read More


Gollop sets record straight

12 July 2017

THERE HAS BEEN a recent effort made through the Voice of Barbados (VOB) Brass Tacks programme to give the impression that there is some motive attached to my representation of the Minister responsible for Town and Country Planning, who happens to be the Right Honourable... Read More


I am Barbados

10 July 2017

AS I REFLECT ON MY HISTORY and consider what I have achieved, I realise that I have always been a gem. I appreciate my uniqueness and close attachment to divine majesty. I am Barbados. My name is as old as the old bearded fig tree, but my true independence was born... Read More


Sir Elliott the people’s GG

09 July 2017

HIS EXCELLENCY Sir Elliott Belgrave, a man excellent in goodness, has retired from his high office as Her Majesty’s viceroy or representative in the kingdom of Barbados. He has served his people well. He is a creature of the Barbadian natural morphology. Prime... Read More


Ganja hypocrisy must stop

07 July 2017

I GO ONE STEP FURTHER than Keyana Palmer in her letter of July 5, Don’t Deny Good Weed Can Do, calling for medicinal use of marijuana. Marijuana should be as available as alcohol or tobacco is in Barbados. It took 13 years for the United States to come to its... Read More


Better-off Bajans need to get kids

06 July 2017

AN OPTIMUM POPULATION is attained when its total reaches a level at which the country’s resources cannot sustain all the members of society and provide them with a decent living. This figure was reached in the 18th century when . . . Barbados was the crown jewel... Read More


Norville an ambassador for hockey in Barbados

03 July 2017

PLEASE PERMIT ME as a former secretary and president of the Barbados Table Tennis Association to address two sports-related issues. Firstly, how in this world could a Barbados Hockey Federation produce a Hall of Fame wall at the hockey turf facility, Wildey, naming... Read More


Another drink tax not enough

02 July 2017

THE LEAD ARTICLE in the last Weekend Nation (6/30/2017) shows what some in the business community think of the government’s attempts to reduce the consumption of sweetened beverages by the “sweetened beverage tax” (SBT), first introduced in the 2015 national budget.... Read More


Fraudsters and thieves are worse

30 June 2017

THERE HAS RECENTLY BEEN a proposal to register sex offenders in Barbados. But what of fraud and theft offenders? They are more dangerous. Sexual predators can be traced in today’s world, electronically and with GPRS. They also only use their loins and violate... Read More


Please bring back the payphones

30 June 2017

BARBADOS SEEMS to be the only country in the Caribbean where a landline phone outside of the home (pay phone for individuals) is now unavailable. The lack of such a service is disturbing our stability and progress in necessary entrepreneurship and social health at... Read More


Simple but not simplistic

29 June 2017

BOTH ESTABLISHED PARTIES and almost all local and foreign-based economists are warning Barbadians to brace for severe austerity measures. Some prominent economists are even calling for a devaluation of the dollar as a way to address our dire economic problems. ... Read More


This time we are in a 12-foot hole

28 June 2017

“YOU LIVES AND YOU LEARNS,” some wise person once said. Well, I learnt from the SUNDAY SUN of June 25, on Page 7A, that Mr David Gill is vaticinator, meaning a prophet. According to the report, he opined that the (parliamentary) Opposition failed in the recent Budget... Read More


Time for a rebirth

27 June 2017

BARBADOS IS ONCE again at the crossroads, as it stood during the 1930s. The trade union movement of that day challenged the authority of the island when they stood up for the political, social and economic rights of the working class. In every shape and form what... Read More


Work together on new family model

26 June 2017

THERE HAS BEEN a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of our declining birth rates and the deleterious effects that they could have on our national development. Mr George Griffith (former head of the Barbados Family Planning Association) has suggested that if... Read More





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