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Economy must meet needs

22 November 2017

The recently reported statements from Minister of Industry and Commerce Donville Inniss, that our country’s economic model is obsolete; from former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, that the era of the welfare state is fast coming to an end; and from the Prime Minister that... Read More


The chaos that is local transport

21 November 2017

It is clear from some of the opinions being expressed in the public domain on a range of local issues that oftentimes they are not grounded in a clear understanding of and connection to certain realities. This leads to an oversimplication of the issue and the ventilation... Read More


Success, failure of call-in radio

20 November 2017

Radio is an important and universal means of facilitating communication and for many, it can be said to be a public service critical to expressing democracy and enhancing national development. In fact, radio is a mass medium that brings a direct, personal touch to people... Read More


Competence – not colour or class – most crucial

19 November 2017

John’s Goddard’s letter concerning the Hon. Freundel Stuart and the Hon. Chris Sinckler made for very interesting reading. He wants us to believe that the daily condemnation of the two gentlemen is due to their backgrounds and the colour of their skins. A very preposterous... Read More


Always ready to forgive

17 November 2017

Barbadians are a particularly forgiving people. It is clear that we epitomise the noble ideals of patience and tolerance when one considers what some of our politicians say and do sometimes. I guess that we are always ready to forgive each other because we recognise... Read More


Constituencies should be reduced

16 November 2017

NOW THAT CONSTITUTIONAL and electoral reform is in the air, I would like to return to a proposal I submitted to the Henry Forde Commission when they visited London. 1. The number of parliamentary constituencies should be reduced to 15. The small constituency of the... Read More


Hoping I am wrong

15 November 2017

AS MY FRIEND Smokey would say, “I may be wrong as I usually am”, and I sincerely hope that I am. I have recently read two articles in the NATION: See Drugs And Leave Them” on Saturday, November 4, 2017, and Marvellous In Prison on November 8, 2017. I would like to... Read More


Nobody wins when we bend the rules

14 November 2017

Dr Joan Nwaskie’s article Political Transitions And Torn Loyalties offers a sober reminder of the balancing of loyalties as evidenced in most small island states. I get the sense that because of our socialisation, we are likely to remain a country, as described by former... Read More


Arthur right about banks

13 November 2017

Former Prime Minister, and leading economist in Barbados, Owen Arthur, is right. He said that commercial banks need to redirect funds to finance start-ups, innovation and other investments, instead of satisfying the need for the latest consumer electronics. The general... Read More


Use taxis just as T&T does

10 November 2017

Public transportation in Barbados is in crisis. The Transport Board is limping along, unable to fulfil its mandate. Poor Barbadian commuters are now being made to feel less than human as they are subjected to three-hour waits for buses. Pensioners, old and bent,... Read More


Use energy to lift youth

09 November 2017

IT NEVER CEASES to amaze me as to how far some Barbadians will go in copying the many negative things of America. This was my first impression on reading a recent article in the WEEKEND NATION where the president of the Barbados Youth Action Programme has accused our... Read More


Qualifications for the Bar

08 November 2017

As president and on behalf of the Barbados Bar Association, as the body charged by statute to uphold, defend and develop the standards of the legal profession, I was asked by a media house on October 31, 2017, to set out the law as it relates to the qualifications required... Read More


Slowly losing Bajan pride

07 November 2017

I’ve always been proud to be Bajan. To my mind, that status has long been synonymous with qualities like intelligence, integrity, common sense, hardiness, a great sense of humour and a love of the simple life. Growing up in ordinary working class districts like The... Read More


Reality cheque

06 November 2017

Both at the risk of further victimisation as well as with some measure of despair, I have to put pen to paper again. We have a minimum of four Government ministers taking turns at attacking their own Government. Is this to ensure that they regain their seats next year?... Read More


Renewable energy sector needs to see some light

05 November 2017

It is not difficult to accept that there is need for change to Barbados’ economic model. In the same way that former Prime Minister Owen Arthur is suggesting that the international business sector can perform with local and indigenous businessmen using available... Read More


No winners or losers

03 November 2017

In relation to the article appearing at Page 5 of the DAILY NATION of October 31, 2017 [headlined Money For Mia After Lawsuit], I, together with Mr Brian Barrow, appeared in matters CV 1218 of 2017 and 1218A of 2017 wherein Ms Mia Mottley, being the claimant in each... Read More


Harper was good to BCA

02 November 2017

ON OCTOBER 24, St Clair “Sonny” Harper passed from this vale of tears at the grand old age of 96. Harper was well known as one of the premier funeral directors in Barbados, being the proprietor and funeral director of Paramount Funeral Home and Taxi Service in Upper... Read More


Looking forward in hope of better days

01 November 2017

The more things change, the more they stay the same – Alphonse Karr Now while this may be one of the many perceptions that characterise our political system, I have found that the hope of better things to come is a useful antidote. Few may disagree that change offers... Read More


Dim those bright lights

31 October 2017

Based on the frequency of vehicle accidents being reported, it appears as though there are a number of drivers flouting road regulations. There are more recent regulations related to seatbelts, cellphones and window-tinting, but what seems particularly problematic... Read More


It’s not about freeness

30 October 2017

In recent times, the large number of cars on our roads, some of them very expensive, has amazingly been used to justify privatising public transportation and the already abolished free university education. Both Mr Ryan Straughn and the Prime Minister seem to think... Read More


Open sluice gate in evening

29 October 2017

Dear Minister Richard Sealy, If you may recall, you kindly took the time to talk to me on the morning of Wednesday, October 25, about my concerns surrounding the opening of the sluice gate at Worthing on to one of the nicest beaches in Barbados. On Thursday, the... Read More



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