Bajans pull numbers for Fantastic Friday

22 February 2017

MARVAY WILL BE the first Bajan onstage at Fantastic Friday. The first timer in the competition pulled No. 12 today at the draw for positions for the finals. He comes right after Teddyson John and before Patrice Roberts. The other Bajan in the group, Peter Ram,... Read More


Mottley invites Bajans to march to show disgust

22 February 2017

OPPOSITION LEADER Mia Mottley has called out Barbadians to show their disapproval of the Freundel Stuart Government by participating in a march of disgust on March 11. At a press conference held minutes ago, Mottley said the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) could not... Read More


WEDNESDAY WOMAN: From accounts clerk to steel pannist

22 February 2017

FROM THE DAY she heard the sweet strains of steel pan music coming from her neighbour’s house, Nakita Wilfred was smitten. Immediately, the then nine-year-old sought and secured her first lesson on the instrument. “I heard it, I liked the sound, so I went over... Read More


Khala’s colourful creations

22 February 2017

KHALA HURDLE is a body activist who is reforming the concept of beauty. But what is true beauty? Khala had a hard time figuring out what that word meant to her. She used to look in the mirror and question if the meaning of the word applied to her physique. Her broad... Read More


BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Looking at Bridgetown buildings

22 February 2017

MANY OF THE BUILDINGS that are currently in Bridgetown today didn’t exist in historic Bridgetown. Some were around but looked different, had a different name or were relocated. Now Bridgetown has many architectural structures and a few of them will be discussed.... Read More


ON THE BALL: Let the drums roll

22 February 2017

MISTAKES are simply unavoidable. After all, to err is human. The trick is not to “double down” on the same blunder, because failing to acknowledge a mistake as such is just the same as making two mistakes. And that’s why I can’t understand this persistence... Read More


ON THE RIGHT: Adverse effect on region’s economies

22 February 2017

CORRESPONDENT BANKING is of serious concern to the countries of the Caribbean, the diaspora in the United States and to the financial institutions in both the Caribbean and in New York City, the leading financial centre in the world. Read More


ON THE LEFT: FATCA behind financial mayhem

22 February 2017

I’VE BEEN AN outspoken critic of this fatally-flawed law, which turns American expats into financial pariahs, for several years. Indeed, with a change of administration in the White House; the Republicans controlling the Senate and Congress; President Donald Trump pledging... Read More


THE ISSUE: Waiting on Trump to repeal the law

22 February 2017

MANY CARIBBEAN PEOPLE, including Barbadians, admired former United States (US) President Barack Obama, although there is a view by some that his eight years in office did not result in meaningful support for the region. Read More


Barbados given US$20m in disaster recovery funds

22 February 2017

BARBADOS has received over US$20 million from the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility since it was founded in 2007. Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Senator Darcy Boyce made this announcement on Monday as he praised the regional organisation... Read More


A THORNY ISSUE: Right move, Mr President

22 February 2017

KEITH YEARWOOD has lived for cycling for more than 25 years but now he has decided that it’s not worth dying for after a tumultuous period which saw him at odds with varying factions of those he wanted to govern. I think he has made the right decision not to stand... Read More


Oval a ‘gold mine’

22 February 2017

THE Barbados Government may soon compulsorily acquire Kensington Oval, known as the Mecca of West Indies cricket. The cash-strapped Freundel Stuart administration is reported to be interested in boosting its revenues through the full use of the Oval as a money-spinning... Read More


Sticking to Constitution

22 February 2017

BAJANS WILL definitely go to the polls sometime within the “constitutionally determined period”, says Prime Minister Freundel Stuart. And when the election date is set by the Governor General, on the recommendation of Stuart, the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP),... Read More


Agony as QEH lift drops

22 February 2017

A PREGNANT WOMAN was one of several users that apparently got a ride of their lives while in an elevator at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) on Monday. Natalie Brathwaite, 30 weeks pregnant, is claiming that when she boarded the lift on Monday afternoon at the... Read More


Still waiting

22 February 2017

LOCAL ATHLETICS are still watching and waiting. The Athletics Association of Barbados (AAB) is mulling over a decision to send a team to this summer’s IAAF Under-18 Championships from July 12 to July 16 in Nairobi following the growing security concerns surrounding... Read More


‘More pressure’ on High Court

22 February 2017

THE END OF the painstakingly slow preliminary inquiry while speeding up some of the serious criminal cases could lead to a crippling of sections of the justice system. At least two lawyers believe the abolition of the pre-trial process from February 1 will transfer... Read More


Minor issue at school

22 February 2017

COMBERMERE SCHOOL was not closed yesterday. Nor was the reason behind the students assembling on the playing field due to the recurrence of environmental problems at the Waterford, St Michael school. Instead, the sulphur-like odour at the school yesterday morning... Read More


Set B do it again

22 February 2017

SET B (Blue House) continued their reign for the second consecutive year after a 12-year dry spell at Deighton Griffith Secondary School sports yesterday. The champions amassed 1 427 points at the Kingsland, Christ Church school grounds, finishing ahead of second-placed... Read More


Erla lively at 100

22 February 2017

BARBADOS’ NEWEST CENTENARIAN Erla Browne engaged Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave in a witty, lively conversation when he paid a visit to mark her birthday yesterday. The former teacher who was born at Lightfoot Lane in Bridgetown and grew up in Belleville,... Read More


Move on to get Bajans on US farms too

22 February 2017

BARBADIANS COULD SOON be working on farms in the United States if negotiations with officials in that country are successful. Minister of Labour Dr Esther Byer Suckoo said the island was working to establish a programme similar to the Canadian Farm Labour Programme... Read More


Workers growing weed in Canada

22 February 2017

FARM LABOUR WORKERS who engage in growing marijuana on farms in Canada have been put on notice. Minister of Labour Dr Esther Byer Suckoo has not only warned them about the possibility of facing criminal charges in Canada, she also said such actions had the potential... Read More




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