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    April 26

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GUEST COLUMN – Triumph over barbarism

04 August 2010

IF ALL goes well, according to expectations in Brazil and Iran, an Iranian woman could today be spared from being stoned to death for a reported act of adultery. Read More


Top marks for Kadoo clean-up

04 August 2010

AS BARBADIANS jumped and wined in gay abandon along the street on Kadooment Day, hard-working sanitation workers were one step behind them picking up garbage. Read More


Rector raps party

04 August 2010

Are we engaging in national festivals that are high and worthy or low and degraded? Read More

Minister:  Do what you have to do

04 August 2010

KINGSTON – Minister of National Security Dwight Nelson is urging policemen to do what they need to do to protect themselves, in light of what he called attempts to undermine Read More

EDITORIAL – Cricket and education

04 August 2010

Cricket, today is viewed as a business. It is run as such with marketing managers, commercial managers, cricket managers and a chief executive or general manager. Read More

Police on high alert

04 August 2010

KINGSTON –  The police have now raised their threat level to extreme following the murders of three policemen in separate incidents since last week. Read More

Gunman shoots eight, then self

04 August 2010

MANCHESTER, Connecticut – A black warehouse driver who had complained of racial harassment at work went on a shooting rampage at a beer distributorship yesterday Read More

A THORNY ISSUE – Marshall merits full support

04 August 2010

I KEEP saying that Dexter Marshall’s exclusion from the Barbados Football Association’s (BFA) coaching set-up is one of the biggest ironies in local football. Read More

6 teens drown as relatives watch

04 August 2010

Louisiana – Six teenagers who could not swim and were wading in shallow water drowned in front of their horrified families in Louisiana’s Red River after they fell into a chasm Read More

GUEST COLUMN – No class act

04 August 2010

FOR MANY years some individuals who completed the course in the care of the elderly experienced difficulty finding employment, Read More


Breakfast to boost reading programme

04 August 2010

FOR THE THIRD year running, Alfred Allman has made his home available for the St Michael West Central fund-raising breakfast. Read More


Grand Kadooment Results

04 August 2010

How they placed. Read More


Bottled-up anger

04 August 2010

 Three Sri Lankan spectators were detained by police for allegedly heckling Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh yesterday. Read More


WEDNESDAY WOMAN – A voice for the nurses

04 August 2010

PAULETTE DRAKES is very much aware her name is written in the bad books of many for her outspokenness, and for the close relationship she has with strictness. Read More

Where Barbados went wrong

04 August 2010

GUYANA finished bottom-of-the-table in the regional first-class competition for the last two seasons. Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE – Distraught mum

04 August 2010

Dear Christine, May God continue to bless you as you continue to be an advocate for his work.  I’m a 31-year-old single parent, with four children living at home.  Read More

Guyanese found guilty

04 August 2010

NEW YORK – A former Guyanese parliamentarian, and a Guyana-born United States citizen are facing the possibility of spending the rest of their lives in an American prison Read More


Crop of changes

04 August 2010

THE REMOVAL of the Soca Royale clash and the return of two key events to the Gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex are among likely changes for Crop-Over 2011. Read More


18 old folks perish in SA fire

03 August 2010

JOHANNESBURG – Eighteen elderly people died after a fire swept through their old age and frail care centre outside of Johannesburg, South African emergency services said Read More

EDITORIAL – Jamaica's move against cops' abuse

03 August 2010

QUITE OFTEN calls are made why Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states should avoid the crime and violence syndrome with which Jamaica is identified. Read More

YOU, ME & CSME – Of gas and petrol

03 August 2010

With the BP oil spill much too close for comfort, many people in this region have the consumption, exploration utility of gas and oil not too far from the front of their minds. Read More


Did you expect more guns to be turned in during the amnesty?