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Businessmen lose extradition appeal

12 June 2010

PORT-OF-SPAIN - The London-based Privy Council has ruled against two businessmen, described as financiers of the United National Congress (UNC), who were seeking to avoid extradition to the United States to face more than 90 charges relating to the rehabilitation of... Read More

MAVIS BECKLES: Not all stress in the 11-Plus

12 June 2010

I KNOW THIS TOPIC get beat 'bout a whole lot a'ready, and as a matter o' fact, it does get more and more blows evah single year when this time come around. But I gine tell ya something now, it does be really interesting listening tuh different people talk and air... Read More

Joe's River $600 000 bill

12 June 2010

MAKING THE Joe's River Bridge in St Joseph safe again will cost Government as much as $600 000. Minister of Transport and Works John Boyce gave this estimate yesterday during a visit to the damaged bridge with ministry officials. The visit followed complaints from... Read More

The Tivoli effect

12 June 2010

by TONY BEST   ALTHOUGH BARBADOS and its other Eastern Caribbean neighbours are quite a distance from Jamaica, they will not escape the economic fall-out from the recent social strife in West Kingston, says a highly rated Caribbean security expert. That warning,... Read More

Broomes, BSTU still at odds

12 June 2010

THE long-standing dispute between Alexandra School principal Jeff Broomes and the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU) remains unresolved. For three hours yesterday several Alexandra teachers met with the officials to discuss the matter. Later in the afternoon,... Read More

France,  Uruguay   fizzle

12 June 2010

CAPE TOWN - A match between former World Cup champions produced an opening day dud, with France and Uruguay playing out a 0-0 draw yesterday. France winger Franck Ribery and Uruguay striker Diego Forlan showed flashes of their potential, but the fear of losing the... Read More

Oil spill concerns reach Caribbean

12 June 2010

CARIBBEAN GOVERNMENTS are worried about the possibility of oil from the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico reaching their coastlines. They say that if the oil from the blow-out does come, it will spell serious trouble for their tourist industries. Antigua and Barbuda... Read More

PUDDING & SOUSE: Where have all the roses gone?

12 June 2010

THE BAD BEHAVIOUR of a certain hairdresser is making headlines in a close-knit neighbourhood where she lives. Everyone is wondering if she lost her boutique job because of her bad hygiene and malicious nature. Recently she has been causing a lot of confusion, first... Read More



12 June 2010

THE Puckerin family of St. Philip had the fright of their lives on Thursday. That's because they discovered an explosive buried in the groundsill of their Edgecumbe home. One member of the household removed the explosive with percussion cap and burnt fuse. The matter... Read More

Bahamas sprinter   gets Jones'  gold medal

12 June 2010

NASSAU - Sprinter Pauline Davis-Thompson has finally received Olympic gold a decade after coming second to the disgraced American Marion Jones at the Sydney Games. Pauline Davis-Thompson was beaten by Jones in the 200 metres at the 2000 Olympics but Jones was stripped... Read More


Queens of the stage

12 June 2010

STAGE VERSUS SCREEN. That has always been the battle in the performing world since the dawn of film. Is it better to watch a performance on the screen where you can record and re-watch every detail? Or is it better to see it on the stage and enjoy the performance live?... Read More

SATURDAY CHILD: Mamma look a boo-boo

12 June 2010

by TONY DEYAL   I KNEW WHAT a "boo-boo" was long before I knew how to boo. I was a boy when Lord Melody sang his classic self-mocking calypso about ugliness, Mamma Look Ah Boo-boo Dey. Its chorus is perhaps the best known of all calypsos: "Mamma look ah boo-boo/Dey... Read More


12 June 2010

by CAROL-ANN TUDOR   THE TEACHING OF MATHS and English in primary schools is in for a brushing up. Key to the plan to get better results in the Common Entrance Examinations (CEE) (or 11-Plus), are the strategic deployment of skilled teachers and more teacher training.... Read More

Mexico, SA share   honours

12 June 2010

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa nearly made a perfect start to the World Cup yesterday, scoring early in the second half before conceding a late goal in a 1-1 draw with Mexico in the opening match of the tournament. Rafael Marquez provided the heart-breaking equaliser after... Read More

Drainage work passes first test

12 June 2010

THE FIRST DOWNPOURS for this year's hurricane season came this week, with no flooding in flood-prone districts. And where there was a build-up of water, like in some areas at Cherry Grove, St John, and Bush Hall, Spring Garden, and Fontabelle in St Michael, it quickly... Read More

Dad fathers daughter's 7 children

12 June 2010

SAO PAULO - A woman whose father is accused of imprisoning her for 12 years and fathering her seven children says she forgives him - and worries how she will care for her offspring if he is imprisoned, police said yesterday. "She is confused and does not express herself... Read More

I CONFESS: Women   lie and   cheat too

12 June 2010

WOMEN ARE THE BIGGEST hypocrites in this country, and it is about time men stop falling for their tears, complaints and schemes, and tell them where to get off. Each week one woman or the other complains about how a man hurt her feelings; how men always cheat; that... Read More

Van der Sloot charged

12 June 2010

LIMA, Peru - A Peruvian judge yesterday ordered Joran van der Sloot jailed on charges of first-degree murder and robbery in the killing of a 21-year-old Lima woman, determining he acted with "ferocity and great cruelty". Lima Superior Court Judge Juan Buendia issued... Read More

Goal feast for Dames, Brittons Hill

12 June 2010

by EZRA STUART   FOR FLYING IN the face of local football's top two teams, St John Sonnets and Deacons got a good old-fashioned whipping on Thursday night at the National Stadium. Mackeson Brittons Hill and Claytons Kola Tonic Notre Dame flexed their muscles, blanking... Read More


SA on a high

11 June 2010

WORLD CUP FEVER. The motherland is expected to host the mother of all World Cups. Read More


Safety First

11 June 2010

A police officer and dog checking a photographer's camera bag Read More


Should the Barbados Secondary Schools' Entrance Examination (11+) be abolished?