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Gun policy a must for Parliament


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ELOMBE MOTTLEY wants to see a gun policy in and around the precincts of the Parliament as well as the establishment of a nearby police outpost.
“I would like to see a gun policy not only in Parliament but extending to the car parks of both buildings. That is the psychological centre of Barbados. That is where the continuity of governance takes place,” said Mottley speaking via telephone link-up from Jamaica.
Mottley’s comments come in the wake of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party’s call for a gun policy to be introduced in Parliament.
“To me, the police should have a post set up so that when you come in and you have a gun, you are required to check it in to enter any of the parliamentary offices. That is important. You just can’t have people walking around with guns just like that.”
Mottley, a social commentator and former political candidate, said the time had come for parliamentarians in Barbados to have to walk through a metal detector.
“I know Barbados is easy when it comes to security support but the House of Assembly must be a neutral area. I don’t know why anyone would want to have parliamentarians walk in the House with guns.”
Mottley felt the media might have made too much of the confrontation between Speaker of the House Michael Carrington and his niece Mia Mottley and St Andrew MP George Payne that led to the expulsion of the two Opposition MPs.
“I expected if it is a confrontation, the Barbados Labour Party will hold their side and Carrington, as a supporter of the Government, will hold their side. Anything can happen from that. That is a minor thing. It’s an issue that will be dead by next week.
“Too much has been made of that. The issue is whether guns should be allowed in Parliament. That is a major issue.”