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Positive youth worth highlighting


Positive youth worth highlighting

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Dear Christine, I have been listening  to all the talk about the youth who have gone bad. I have no doubt that much of what is being said is true, because I do know people who are in gangs and I know people who are lesbians – and I mean really young people.

But I also know many others who do well in school and are making something of their lives.I wish that those people will be highlighted and discussed too.

Christine, I have friends who can be future prime ministers and future leaders of this country, but they are not highlighted. The ones who are in the gangs and are doing things that they are not supposed to, are the ones who are looking for quick fame and do not get much love at home, so they look for it outside.

So Christine, I wanted to write this letter so that people would know there are good young people too. Some who have left school and formed businesses; who go to church every Sunday and who remain celibate. They should  be applauded.– LOOKING ON

DEAR LOOKING ON, I know that you are right. I have met some of those bright young people who are doing well, but prefer to stay out of the limelight. 

The Press does feature some of them, but people don’t always remember, or even talk about them.

I believe however that the discussion on helping those who are going in the wrong direction is necessary, if those young people are to get any help.

If only a few are helped along the way, then the discourse would have been  worth it.– CHRISTINE