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PUDDING & SOUSE: Movie blues on Channel 8


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The switchboard has been busy for the past few weeks complaining about the sub-standard quality  of the programming from our “friends” in The Pine.Channel 8 has become a playground for re-runs and second rate shows such as My Name Is Earl, Life On Mars and Burnt Notice.Fans say while they enjoy Prison Break, the series has finished and CBC is still into the first season. They are also asking why the 2007 first season of Best Years is being repeated.They also want to know why Shark is being shown twice a week and nothing super can be seen like Smallville.CBC has genuinely become the home of stale shows.Mum put on sick leaveA fat woman has stopped her sick mother from working alongside her.That’s because there are strange marks on the skin of mummy, who had a young bilingual boyfriend who died  a few years ago.Both mother and daughter adore young boys and live to support them.The problem is both mother and daughter seem to choose young  good-looking boys, who will do anything with anybody for money.Hot fishFish are so expensive in Oistins these days that a man took three  of his friends there and didn’t get back any change from $100.That’s because a container, and it doesn’t have much in it, can cost as much as $25. The embarrassed man had to turn to his friends to buy drinks as he simply did not have another cent.He and many others who have been ripped off say the area still has a large crowd every Friday because the emphasis is on the tourists.Men on the prowlThere is a place that is being frequented by several lawless men almost every day and night because there is a young girl working there.The nuisance minibus men and others need to know that they are looking for the same thing the sly, slim girl is looking for.Fed-up taxi menTaxi men who operate at Second Street, St James, say a driver who actually works in the public service  is driving them crazy.Apparently this tall, imposing man has been operating his taxi for over a year even though it is against the rules of the public service to have a second job.Angry taxi men said they could have overlooked this indiscretion but the man seems bent on driving them out  of business.For instance, he charges less than the other drivers and is always out to steal their customers by bad-mouthing them.Taxi drivers want to know how much time he really spends doing his legitimate job since he is always driving his taxi even when he was on sick leave with a broken hand.They want his boss to arrest this situation because it gets out of hand.Cheating teacherThere is a school teacher who seems intent on bedding the entire male staff at her school. She cheated on her husband with one teacher, and now that he has left she is repeating the dose with another.But while she is acting as though she is a teenager, little does she know that her new beau has her about number six on his list which includes some  of her students.