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ALTAR CALL: Submit yourself to the fire


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IT WAS A three-week crusade with  a difference.Starting at the Wesleyan Holiness Tabernacle, it made its way to Rockley Clinic Centre, and later to the Pine Community Centre.Reminding all of the Ark of the Covenant being moved from one place  to the other, and the children of Israel being led to the Promised Land,  the crusade focused  on repenting, yielding, setting captives free.Hosted by Prophetess Franceine Anson and Apostle Michael Anson  of Weapons Of War Ministries and Inter-Caribbean Evangelism Global Ministries International, with offices in Antigua, the first week of the crusade set the pace for things to come.Many of those attending testified about answered prayers, prophetic confirmations, healings and other spiritual, physical and financial blessings. Antiguan-born Pastor Patrick Roberts, one  of the speakers during the crusade, also came with  a clear-cut message of the need to have God’s power and fire of the Holy Ghost working in lives to bring about change. He charged, that in order for this to happen, one must see beyond  one’s limits.“The Holy Spirit is propelling and pushing you past your limits. Whatever it is you’re going through, it’s because God is taking the limits off you,” Roberts stated.He stressed that everything believers did would be and should be tested by fire to determine its genuineness; even their own lives as Christians.He further disclosed the need to walk in and maintain the anointing  on a daily basis,  and to allow the fire  of God to have full control.“Submit to the fire,”  Roberts advised.“The fire of God purifies, perfect and empowers. It also burns everything that is not  of God.“For us to live victorious lives every day, we must empty ourselves of the old wine skins and come fresh before God.“Ask God for the fire,  so he can purge you,”  he stressed.Taking his texts from  a variety of scripture, including Acts 2: 3 and  1 Corinthians 3: 13, Roberts said fire would test the works of  every believer.“Sometimes the flesh wrestles with the Spirit.  If God has called or chosen you, you will be tested by fire, so submit everything to the fire, then you  will know what is genuine or not.He preached that once tried with fire, the ability to withstand challenges and tempests was sure.“God may want you  to go through the fire before your family so your life can witness to them.“When you submit  to the fire, victory  is assured, because you will come forth as gold.“More than anything else in our lives we need the fire of God,”  he reiterated.Before and after the sermon, praise and adoration emanated from Rockley Clinic’s Convention Centre. Individuals fell to their knees, others stood with their hands raised, while many waited patiently  in silence with their  heads either bowed in reverence, or turned towards the heavens.Prayers, deliverances and testimonies were  also the order of the night before the service came  to an end.• cherylharewood

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