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Full disclosure needed


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KINGSTON – As Prime Minister Bruce Golding ponders his next move  in the wake of the deepening Manatt, Phelps and Phillips scandal, two powerful private sector groups are now calling for him  to make full disclosure  to the nation and apologise for his handling of the matter.In separate releases over the weekend, the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) said Golding had lost its respect and should apologise to the public, while the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) said the prime minister must tell the full truth about the matter.Both organisations, however, stopped short  of joining the growing lists of organisations  and people calling for Golding’s resignation  as prime minister.“Mr Golding is expected to operate  at the highest level when dealing with the matters of state. The nation has been misled and,  as a result, the prime minister has lost our respect and confidence.  In order to commence the extremely difficult task  of restoring that respect, confidence and honour, the prime minister should start with an apology to the nation,” the JCC said.According to the JCC, governance is not only about doing what is morally and ethically correct, but also about ensuring that actions cannot be perceived  as being morally  or ethically incorrect.Said the JMA: “The actions of the Hon Bruce Golding of not disclosing the facts at an earlier opportunity have brought the country, government and position of the prime minister into disrepute.”According to the JMA, there is also a need  for more information  to be disclosed  on the matter,  as the information surrounding the issue remains baffling.Golding and his administration, the JMA said, should act speedily to restore credibility, dignity and honour  to his position as leader of the country and seek  to address the root cause of the issue, which has led to this predicament.“Transparent, responsible and accountable leadership from this point onward must be demonstrated  by all elected officials, and the JMA expects  that anything other than this will be met with immediate consequences and actions,” according  to the statement. (Observer)