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Court clerks not helping situation


Court clerks not helping situation

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Dear Christine, I hope that you are fine as this letter leaves me. I am a bit annoyed at some of the clerks at the Courts.

Some of them give out information to persons who are pretending to be the person collecting money from court. There is a gentlemen who pays money for a child who is 18 years of age and is still at school. The child’s stepmother calls up to the court and pretends to be her mother and asks if the money is there.

When she gets the answer, she sends the child to go collect the money and when she gets home, the stepmother calls the mother all sorts of names.

Christine, these things aren’t right. When the stepmother collects the money, she buys nails and weave for her hair. When she does this it is very difficult on the mother. What can the mother do to stop this? – Please give advice.


Court clerks should not be giving out that type of information on the phone, although I believe that in doing so they try to help so that mothers don’t waste their time going down to the court if money is not there.

However, if this is a grave problem for the mother, then you can make an official complaint to the Registrar, Ms Marva Clarke. – CHRISTINE