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Fishing for knowledge


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FOURTH form students from the integrated science department of  the Garrison Secondary School were taken on an informative fishing expedition by fishermen Chelston Thomas and David Boyce yesterday.The two fishermen, who both have more than 25 years experience, gave the enthusiastic students an extensive lesson about the life of fishermen, how they catch different types of fish and what tools they use in their trade.Linda-Joy Forde, head of the Science Department at the school, explained that the students were required to know about the fishing industry because it was part of the new syllabus.She said the two fishermen had readily consented to share their wealth of knowledge with the students.Thomas is the father of former student Caroline Scantlebury,  who was also on hand assisting  him and demonstrating the fishing equipment to the students.The students were shown the different nets used for fishing,  fishing rods, safety equipment,  and how to cast a net.Thomas and Boyce also thrilled the students with stories of their encounters at sea. (MB)