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Poor living conditions


Poor living conditions

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Dear Christine, Please can you help us by sending someone to prove what I am writing to you is the truth. I am renting a room at a house.

When I first saw an ad in the paper for the room, I said that it sounded like a nice place to live. The landlord told me to pass by and bring $300 for two weeks rent. 

She never told me that I have to pay for light, water or gas when the bills come in. This place has eight rooms (four upstairs and four downstairs). There is only one bath and toilet for the 17 people living in the entire house and it has to be cleaned every three days to avoid it becoming overly dirty.

There are also a lot of rats and African Snails around the place. We need help as we don’t have anywhere else to go for now. -Please send help for us.

DEAR PLEASE SEND HELP FOR US: I will try to see what can be done. I can try to arrange for a social worker to come around or someone else who can see first hand the conditions.

In the meantime, continue looking for somewhere else and I will too. I am sure there are better places for similar rent. CHRISTINE.