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MARKET VENDOR: Dis tournament, we all win


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THE AUSSIES came, they saw and they conquered, well almost, as over the past few weeks we saw the good the bad, the awful, and the magnificent as the I.C.C. T20 Cricket tournament came to town and people like Amurcan troops in Iraq came to the Mecca, Kensington Oval.And while I don’t want to put Tony Cozier out of wuk, I have a few observations on this tournament. Ah said it before and ah say it again, this is the new game of cricket, the one that will bring out the fans and create new ones, youths male and female are following this form of the game, it is entertainment and finally the old lady of sports is providing it. Every time a four or a six get hit my eyes glued to the mini stages round the ground as the dancing girls rotate and gyrate,Mac and Gravy with the brass band working the stands, Stabby the guard shirtless and with the body to match dancing and jamming for four days nonstop, he don’t need no gym for six months! And the characters, every day a new set, friendly rivalry between fans, food and drink flowing and West Indies, as usual losing. There were oohs and aahs as amazing feats of aerial acrobatics brought balls out of the sky and sent batters, the new term, back to the pavillion, mighty, lusty balls blazed all over the ground and in the air, clearing the stands as the batters beat ball all over. There were pretty girls from all over the globe and here at home. The Trinis sent some of their best to represent and they did! I swear that the girls in the party stand rub down with snake oil, them girls could wine! At  the final, I meet a gorgeous young attorney of Asian descent who told me she could support four teams, Sri Lanka where her mother came from, West Indies where she was born, England where she lived and studied and India where her ancestral roots reside. Only a lawyer could work that one out! Poor me I was stuck with the West indies!The bad and the ugly I won’t dwell on, enough has been said about the West Indies already! Losing is one thing, appearing to lose without the fight is another! In a sense, the final had only winners. It was a great game and when two sides play well, everyone remembers a great game and tournament!The organisation was impeccable, the volunteers working without pay truly made us proud. Everything worked, I mean everything, even the bathrooms did not require rubber boots and gloves before entering. Courtesy was the order of the day and helpfulness the password. Of course there will always be someone looking to be a spoiler, as a fella became an unsolicited volunteer for the I.C.C and sought to retrieve one of the stumps at the end of the men’s final, obviously for safe keeping, but not armed with the appropriate authority to do so, was brought down by a member of the local constabulary. The officer then proceed to put him in an arm and head lock that would have made any professional wrestler proud. Do not mess with the Royal Barbados Police Force. In any event where was he going to go after he had taken up the stumps! The ladies final was a good match too, and those of us who stayed were not disappointed and it went down to the last ball. Minister Richard Sealy must be smiling from ear to ear as the visitors swarmed all over Bubbadus, take a bow Guyana, take a bow St. Lucia and take a bow Bubbadus. This was a T20 World series to remember, I leaving Tony Cozier to talk bout the Windies team and what to do but as for me, I making plans now for the next IPL series in India and iffing I can persuade Paul Skinner from Bubbadus who is a big maguffy in that tournament to get de seats, then don’t be surprised if you see me Market Vendor, minus tray, dancing and singing, hands in the air like the locals shouting and screaming on TV. I am an unrepentant convert.
I Market Vendor gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hearrr!