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Kamla would take pay cut


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PORT-OF-SPAIN – United National Congress (UNC) leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar announced on Tuesday night that she would take a ten per cent cut in her salary if she became this country’s next prime minister.She said every member of a UNC coalition Cabinet would also  take a five per cent  cut in their salaries.All the money saved for the first year in office will go towards the Life Fund for Sick Children which she promised a UNC government would establish with a start  of TT$100 million.Persad-Bissessar was speaking at the People’s Partnership public meeting in St Joseph.“As a further profound symbol of the highest level of dedication and sacrifice, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar [would] take a ten per cent cut in salary and in the first 12 months of office, the calculated five per cent  of all ministers and  ten per cent of the prime minister’s salary will go directly into the Life Fund, so that Cabinet will take money from their own pocket and fund this savings account to save the lives of our children,” she promised.“If we would have saved one life, our lives would have been worth living.“As I said, when we win, I pledge to work every day with all of you for all of us. We will lead by example, we will not only talk the talk, we will walk the walk, we will return hope to this nation.” “Over the next six days I want you to think hard about the election, look into your hearts and vote for hope and do not vote for fear,” she urged. (Express)