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School canteen robbed in broad daylight


School canteen robbed in broad daylight

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A daring daylight robbery at the Parkinson Memorial Secondary School this afternoon left canteen staff, students and teachers traumatised and seeking medical attention.Reports from sources at the school indicate that it was just about 12:55 p.m. when two masked men shoved open the canteen door demanding money, sending workers scampering for cover.The incident occurred shortly after students had finished lunch and returned to their respective classrooms.Canteen owner Nancy Lynch was taken for medical attention by private ambulance.In the aftermath of the incident which occurred just after the end of lunch time, education ministry officials and nearly a dozen police officers to converge on the scene.Principal of the school Orson Alleyne deemed it a “brazen act in broad daylight” and expressed his concerns over the incident.“It is frightening to think that in this society we can come to the point where persons can think they can come onto a school compound and perform such acts, and in broad daylight” he stated. Station Sargeant Victor Brewster of the District A Police Station, confirmed they reported to a call at the school which turned out to be a robbery.He confirmed that all the “day’s taking” had been stolen and that the owner of the canteen had been in shock and had to seek medical attention. (CT)For more details on this story, please read tomorrow’s SATURDAY SUN.