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get back to God, Barbados!


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Why can’t we in Barbados face the truth and accept that there’s a problem in our schools? Can’t we say to our youth that enough is enough and get Barbados back the way God wants us to serve Him?We are playing with the lives of our future mothers and nation-builders.Stop the name-calling and finger-pointing and making this issue a political issue. The Ministry of Education is failing us as parents, and there is a bigger problem that faces us. Politicians have failed us, and they have no power to bring this problem to a halt. They have made it worse.Barbados, get on your knees and pray to God for help with our daughters and sisters. God is there for all of us, whether you are a D or a B.  There’s no need for figures and all is there before our eyes: in the bus stand, Independence Square, houses, and in every corner. There is no closet anymore. Church, you get out there and let Barbadian children know what God expects of them.