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Missing the money from ex-boyfriend

marciadottin, [email protected]

Missing the money from ex-boyfriend


Dear Christine,I have a problem. I broke up with my boyfriend of three years.I cheated on him on several occasions and he forgave me each time. I told him last month (his birth month) that I wanted to end the relationship and he said if I wanted to go that’s not a problem. The man that I left him for has commitments and he can’t even help me pay my bills. I’m somewhat feeling sorry for myself because my old boyfriend used to look after me and pay all my bills and medical expenses. I called him to ask if I can make a deal with him paying my bills because my salary don’t measure up to that now that he’s gone. I study it every day and I could not even tell him that when we broke up, I was four weeks pregnant with his child and that I had a miscarriage. He didn’t give me a answer about helping me pay the bills. Christine, the bills are piling up and I don’t know what to do. I know now that I have made a mistake. Christine, all I’ve done was to put myself in a “big hole”.I know now that the pain and hurt that he has felt is nothing compared to that I am going through now. I’m now paying the price for what I did.What can you do or say to help Christine. Hope to hear from you soon.– L.F DEAR L.F., ALL that I can say is that you have madey our bed. Now you’ll have to lie in it.That  is, you have put yourself in this situation and there isn’t much you can now do.You really have a nerve calling your ex-boyfriend to make a deal with him.You cheat on him; you leave him for another man and now you realise that you can’t pay your bills, you call him for help.I hope he is not stupid enough to come back to you.You need to pull yourself together and stop depending on men to pay your bills.If you have a job, keep your bills within your means.Stay away from your old boyfriend for his own sake.Poor guy.– CHRISTINE.