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Recovering from sexual abuse – Healing Herbs

Annette Maynard Watson

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The Creator heals. This month as we continue on our feminine voyage, let us focus on Healing Herbs to assist with therapeutic treatments for rape and abuse.  I emphatically love being female but the immense beauty, the creative energy and the mystical nature we carry has caused other humans to crave to explore our divine bodies. However, sometimes it is without our permission. It also distresses me to examine the alarming statistics which reveal the numerous incidents of rape and abuse recorded for the Caribbean. How much more can we Barbadian females take? Seek solace in the book, The Kingdom Of My Father Is Within You.    In the March 11 DAILY NATION under the headline Sexual Abuse Rates Alarming, Jacqueline Sealy-Burke, attorney-at-law, revealed that “sexual offences involving children is a serious issue for the Caribbean. Cases of rape, indecent assault, and incest are assuming inappropriately high numbers”. This must stop!  My personal chats with raped and abused females caused me to realise that these negative episodes may lead to health challenges including depression, cancer (evoked through anger and years of negative emotions and incorrect eating habits), anxiety, headaches, insomnia, stomach pains and other pains. Personal challenges may include hatred of the body, hopelessness, anger, guilt and shame.“Silent doctors” that will assist with depression, insomnia, headaches and anxiety are teas which include soursop, bay leaves, motherwort, rosemary, clammy cherry, pear and blue vervain combined. These will help you to stay calm and focused. Also place bay leaves in your bedroom, along with a khus khus grass pillow dotted with rosemary oil to add aroma for serenity. Detox if you never did it. This can void the body of negative energies that may have been deposited in you a long time ago. Herbal infusions for detoxing are bloodroot, turmeric and blue vervain.   Use a therapeutic bush bath of sage, rosemary and lemon grass to wash your outer reproductive organs that were negatively caressed. Cancer and a low immune system can be treated with aloe vera juice, soursop and lemon grass.  Additionally, our bodies produce the necessary medicine needed for healing, and exercising will release that medicine. Water must also be drunk as needed. Avoid suppressing the abuse or rape; instead arise and prevent further destruction.Most importantly, the hurt, pain and memories will go away when you address them. Seek support and guidance from the Creator. Look into a mirror, stare into your eyes and repeat “I love you (call your full name) and I will ensure that you are healed of this malady caused by rape or abuse”. As you inhale your bay leaves, touch the abused areas of your body, pray and repeat this affirmation 40 times daily: “I was created wholesome, I will overcome this temporary situation.” Finally, while sipping your warm, sugar-free rosemary tea, apply forgiveness: “I forgive myself for believing that the rapist or abuser could do me something wrong.” For the next 40 days repeat: “I forgive the rapist or abuser for violating my body.” Stop crying. Happy healing!