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Go get a job, readers advise



It’s a case of the old adage – missing the water when the well runs dry.That’s the situation LF has found herself in when she wrote Dear Christine last Monday.She admitted that she had cheated on her then boyfriend several times, and every time he forgave her.LF then ended that relationship and ran to be with another man who she said had commitments and couldn’t even help pay her bills. She now feels sorry for herself because her old boyfriend used to look after her and pay  all her bills  and medical expenses.Now the bills are piling up and she believes she has made a mistake.Our readers had some advice for LF.• L.F are you for real? Why should a man give you money for bills that you are responsible for? What about all those women who struggle everyday with children having to work and support a household alone and do not turn to a man for money. If this man comes back to you and starts to give you money you better watch out, he may have plans for you. Stop trying to live big and learn to live within your means. You have a job, use your money wisely• You admitted to cheating on this man, after he forgave you. then you turn around and broke off the relationship for someone else. Now that you have seen your folly you want the man to give you the chance to repeat your cheating behaviour. You had it too good with this man. You catch at the bone and forgot the meat so you have to pay for your insensitive greed.• Her motive for having this man in her life was to pay her bills. She used him and hopefully, he would have enough sense to see her transparency and stay clear.• With respect young lady, are you serious in asking the man you dumped to help you pay your bills? I hope your ex-boyfriend tells you where to go. You have some nerve. You cheated on him several times – your own admission – and he forgave you. It seems to me that you never loved him, you were just using him. Now that he is rid of you, he should keep it that way. My advice to you is if you want a man just to give you money, you should start renting your body out and that would solve your problems. You are nothing but a gold digger. Good luck. You now have the man you deserve.• I don’t feel sorry for you one bit, and like Christine says, I hope this man does not take you back. Throughout this whole letter, not once did you say you miss your ex-boyfriend or that you still love him and felt bad for cheating on him. All you are talking about is his money, so the only thing you miss about a man you were with for three years is his money and not him. Lady you are sad and I hope that this man realises that all you were doing for the past three years was using him and he never ever has anything to do with  you again. • Sister you are one  of those bad apples who gives women a bad name! I hope this poor sod finds someone who is worthy  of him. You need to find  a job.