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Do what pleases God – Altar Call

Cheryl Harewood

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As I made MY way into the sanctuary under the watchful eyes of some members, who obviously knew I was not an accustomed worshipper, I felt the family-like spirit which is obviously a component of the Sargeants Village Wesleyan Holiness Church.I was earlier told by Reverend Edwin Bradshaw (who pastors with his wife Reverend Elma) that the service would be special, with individuals, including children, ministering in song.Yesterday was actually the church’s Wesleyan Women (Ministry) praise and thanksgiving service. And, everyone got involved.Worship leaders Alana Wharton and Matthew Went did a wonderful job as they led in song, backed by the supportive worship team. Following the reading of Philippians 4: 1-13 by Jamay Burrows and Jabari Cumberbatch, Wharton and Went provided a variety of songs, with each song punctuated by relevant scripture.Count Your Blessings and God Will Take Care Of You – traditional hymns of the church – were blended with the more contemporary songs, such as Thanks!, Give God The Glory and I’m Trading My Sorrows.Young Tyra Jordan led the youth in the selection I Am A Promise. It was a wonderful sight to see these little ones reaffirming their belief that they are a promise with great potentiality in Christ, and willing to do whatever He wants them to.Footprints In The Sand, an uplifting song about God’s faithfulness, goodness and ever presence, was rendered by Sandra Alleyne, before the choir ministered So You Would Know. Through this selection they reaffirmed God’s love; His providence and care in meeting every need, so we would know how much He loves us.Reverend Bradshaw had earlier prayed for the sick, hungry, families, husbands and wives and those suffering or facing natural disasters. However, when he took to the pulpit later in the service, it was to give a brief sermon.Taking his text from Genesis Chapter 4 – the story of Cain and Abel, he told his listeners they must always do what pleases God.“If you know something does not please God or will offend God, don’t do it,” he admonished.He noted from the chapter, that both Cain and Abel, his brother, had the opportunity to present sacrifices to God, but stressed that Abel offered God the better sacrifice, in that he gave God a blood sacrifice.He said Cain, on the other hand, did not offer God an animal sacrifice like his brother, even though he knew it was the right thing to do.Bradshaw explained that it was because Abel’s sacrifice was accepted by God, and God rejected Cain’s, that the latter rose up and killed his brother out of jealousy.He said even when God confronted Cain about his brother’s murder, he showed no repentance, but simply asked God if he was his brother’s keeper.Bradshaw said Cain was angry with his brother because he was blessed by God, and as it was with Cain, so it is today.    “If you are blessed by God, somebody is going to be angry with you. Cain was angry enough to kill his own brother,” he added.“[This story shows us] it is not what we do for the Lord, but the sincerity in which we do what we do. Someday God will judge us according to our works. Whatever we do for Him should therefore be right and pleasing to Him. We should do what we do with a good heart and not for glory,” Bradshaw said.He added that likewise, “it is not how much we give, but the spirit in which we give it”.“If you are going to do it for the Lord, do it right. God’s will for your life is that you give and do the best you can,” Bradshaw stated.He told his congregation: “If you do well you don’t have to worry, but if you do not do well, then you have to worry.”The refreshing service came to an end following the sacrificial offering of special monetary gifts, after which the congregation gathered for refreshments.
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