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BLABBERMOUT BABSIE: Blowin’ in de win’!

Andrew Browne, [email protected]

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CHILE, DE POLITICAL win’s o’ change en only hit you-all up in Engelant, it blow from de norf all de way to de souf, hit Trinidad an’ lif’ Patrick Manning right outta office Mundy las’ week! An’ now, fuh de firs’ time, Trinis got a lady Prime Minister, ef yuh please, an’ it would seem dat people enuff glad to see she in dis position. Mos’ o’ dem feel it was time fuh a change!
When I phone muh frien’ in Trinidad, she tell muh dat she, an’ nuff mo’ like she, glad to see de back o’ Manning – an’, as expected, I hear ‘e resign as head o’ de party! So it look to me as ef dis is ‘e final exit an’ ‘e down de “river o’ no return”! Had to happen some time, ’cause yuh could do wha’ yuh like but not as long as yuh like!
When politicians got power too long, duh become onrecognizable, yuh cyahn believe it is de same body dat at de beginnin’ gi’e yuh all dem wonderful promises ’bout improvin’ yuh life, an’ later on tellin’ yuh to “like it or lump it”!
All dah sweetness an’ light disappear in no time a-tall! Fuh me, Amuricans got de right approach, yuh in charge fuh eight years – after dah, time to leave! So I say “Good fuh Kamla”! Gi’e de “new girl” a chance an’ leh we see how she gine settle down, yuh know wha’ duh say ’bout “new brooms”! She talkin’ de talk an’ as long as she keep in min’ dat she representin’ mo’ dan one race o’ people, an’ dat unity is strengf, t’ings should change fuh de better ‘pon dah islan’!
One t’ing I still don’ onderstan’, doh! Wha’ was gine t’rough Manning head when ‘e decide to call dah snap election, aldoh ‘e had summuch time lef’? Mebbee ‘e was between a rock an’ a hard place, but wheyevah ‘e get dah advice from, dah body crystal ball fairly cloudy!
Well, ‘e tek a gamble – like ethuhs we know ’bout, in de pas’ – an’ los’! But all dem ethuh ministers mussee blue vex wif ‘e causin’ duh to lose out ‘pon de “good life” when duh coulda been reapin’ de sweets li’l longer!
Well chile, dah’s politics, yuh reign fuh a time an’ when yuh get too big fuh yuh boots, out yuh go, so yuh could become a normal yooman been agen, like de res’ o’ we! All yuh so-call “power” gone t’rough de edders an’ dem same people dat was bowin’ down befo’ yuh an’ treatin’ yuh like a god, now hurry pass yuh ‘pon de street like a exam!
I en know wha’ sorta win’ blowin’ over Jamaica, but dah is one place I won’ like to be livin’ at dis time, not even ef yuh pay muh! I friten enuff when it come to guns, an’ people dat like to use duh, an’ dah is all I hearin’ ’bout, steady, steady dese pas’ couple weeks, happenin’ ovuh dey.
It appear Amurica reques’ de Jamaica guvment to han’ over a reputed drug kingpin to stan’ trial in de States. But in a certain part o’ de islan’, dis man, Christopher Dudus Coke, got de run o’ de place! ‘E been “godfathuh” to dem people fuh years, an’ got sech a large followin’ in de area dat de aut’orities cyahn seem to mek no headway in capturin’ de elusive Coke!
De guvment sennin’ in de armed forces, wifout success, ’cause he supporters got jes’ as much arms an’ ready to use dem. In fack, it seem a lotta dese people would die fuh dis man.
Innocent people gettin’ kill, an’ de situation gine from bad to worse! Call muh a “Brumleyite” but it en hard to conclude dat Coke got connections in de right places, it en only de gangs helpin’ ‘e out!
Tek care o’ yuhself,
Yuh frien’ Babsie