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Using sun to cook up a storm


Using sun to cook up a storm

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Barbadians may soon be  able to take advantage  of the hot, sunny days  to cook up a storm.
A solar oven for cooking with the power of the sun was unveiled yesterday by alternative energy scientist William Hinds at the Consett Bay Sustainable Fishing Educational Expo at  Consett Bay, St John.
Hinds said he imported the oven from the United States and he would soon be making them here.
He showed the efficiency of the oven by steaming fish in it.
“You can put food in the oven and leave it in your car to be cooked by the sun. By the time you finish work the food will be ready,” he said.
The oven can be used to boil, steam, roast or bake food at temperatures of 360 degrees Fahrenheit (182 degrees Celsius). (MB)